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You are invited to participate and become a patron of 2022 International Symposium on Digital Privacy and Social Media hosted by IEEE. The IEEE has long stood for the highest levels of technical achievement. And ICCE

ISDPSM, maintains that tradition of excellence in the consumer electronics space. Associating your brand with ISDPSM through patronage enhances your brand perception among a select group of the world’s top scientists, engineers, and executives. We also offer our Access-Plus packages that will allow you to sponsor a poster session or keynote reaching out to the many graduate students and early-career researchers in our audience.

If you have any questions, or would like us to customize a package just for your company, please contact Conference Office at

The ISDPSM will be located in the Bay Area in California. It attracts a global mix of industry and academic participants and is an excellent opportunity to promote your company/organization to an audience of world-class researchers in the CE industry.

Why Sponsor 2022 ISDPSM?

Engage the decision makers 2022 ISDPSM on their major challenges and potential solutions you may have. Introduce your new product or service for the industry or remarket your existing product and services. Educate the market on your company’s capability to help further fine tune their existing operations and business strategies. Meet and network with active professionals and understand their current and real challenges over brainstorming sessions.

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