Pre-recorded Panels & Speakers

IEEE Future Directions
Roberto Saracco (Senior Advisor at Reply; President EIT ICT Labs Italy; Chair, IEE NIC/CoChair IEEE FDC Digital Reality Initative)

Digital Health, Medical XR, and Hacking Humans – New Solutions for CyberHealth
Divya Chander (CEO, Xamax Consultancy; Chair of Neuroscience and Faculty in Medicine at Singularity University

Consumer-Oriented Social Media Key Features, What’s Held It Up, How We Get It
Roger Clarke (Xamax Consultancy, 50 years in IT industry)

Post-pandemic iGen and Alpha behaviours on social media – the good, the bad, and the ugly
Zeenath Reza Khan (Assistant Professor, University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD))

Digital Sovereignty, Changing Governance, and our (Future) Identity: Perspectives from our Deceased Users
Faheem Hussain (Clinical Associate Professor, Arizona State University)

On giants: privacy redux
Nicole Stephensen (IIS Partners; IAPP KnowledgeNet Chair for Queensland, Australia)

Digital Privacy and the – “Smart” Campus
Elma Hajric (Researcher, Arizona State University)

The data within: raising awareness of data ethics for young person
Genevieve Smith-Nunes (University of Cambridge)

What’s the Value of Anonymity?
Kaylea Champion (University of Washington)

Legal Concepts in Digital Privacy for Social Media Marketing
Raj Sachdev (Course Facilitator, Cornell University (eCornell))

Zafty Intelligence, CEOe Mental Health Monitoring
Chris Eade (Zafty Intelligence, CEOe Mental Health Monitoring)

IEEE 2089: Age Appropriate Digital Services for Children
Rys Farthing (Young People’s Concerns on the Collection and Use of Geolocation Data)
Gisele Waters (Design Run Group – Chief of Service Development and Operations)
Ephraim Luwemba (University of Nottingham)
Nishan Chelvachandran (Chair of IEEE IC Trustworthy Technology Implementations for Children’s Online/Offline Experiences)

Rys Farthing
Gisele Waters
Design Run Group – Chief of Service Development and Operations (3rd Venture Start-Up called BioMirror Inc.)
Ephraim Luwemba
University of Nottingham
Nishan Chelvachandran
Iron Lakes
Deepak Tewari
CEO, Privately SA
Roberto Saracco
IEEE Future Directions
Divya Chander
Lucidify, CEO
Roger Clarke
Xamax Consultancy
Zeenath Reza Khan
Assistant Professor, University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)
Faheem Hussain
Arizona State University
Nicole Stephensen
IIS Partners
Elma Hajric
Arizona State University
Genevieve Smith-Nunes
University of Cambridge
Kaylea Champion
University of Washington
Raj Sachdev
Columbia College and Cornell University (eCornell)
Chris Eade
Zafty Intelligence, CEOe Mental Health Monitoring