Speaker: Elma Hajric

Affiliation: Arizona State University

Abstract: University campuses are increasingly adopting digital tools and interfaces such as apps aimed at providing safety, connections, and resources. These are implemented alongside innovative ‘Smart’ Campus deployments that increase surveillance and challenge privacy, especially if the physical surveillance structures are combined with student apps through sensors on a single network. This talk will provide an overview the ecosystems of surveillance on campus and potential challenges to privacy in the ‘smart’ campus setting.

Biography: Elma Hajric is a researcher in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology PhD program at the School for the Future of Innovation. Her work focuses on data governance of emerging technologies, centering surveillance and privacy, alongside ‘smart city’ sociotechnical imaginaries. She is also a National Science Foundation Fellow in the National Research Traineeship on Citizen-Centered Smart Cities and Smart Living, and a member of the Science, Policy, Engineering Collective in the Institute for the Future of Innovation at Arizona State University.