Speaker: Deepak Tewari

Affiliation: Privately SA

So many legislations/ initiatives regarding age gating and online safety have been stifled because the debate around both these themes is framed as a conflict with data privacy and individual rights. Companies like Privately have solved this problem by allowing accurate age checks to be carried out without a user’s personal data ever leaving their own device. The next generation of games, apps and devices will be able to provide age appropriate age experiences through real-time age awareness. In this talk I will discuss EdgeAI, On device architectures and privacy preservation as it applies to many industries from social media and advertising to adult content and retail.

Deepak founded Privately SA in 2014- after two decades in telecom and high tech. He has since led the march at Privately in its quest to make the internet safe for minors. In recognition of the social impact of his work, Deepak was awarded Doctor of Letters Honoris Cause by IUG in 2017.