Speaker: Nishan Chelvachandran
Invited Panel: IEEE 2089.2021

Children need space to grow up, learn, evolve in a manner that allows them to develop through their stages of evolving capacities in a trustworthy environment. The exposure of children in cyberspace opens a wide spectrum of opportunities and risks. Educational apps, social networks, and connected toys open up possibilities to enhance inclusion, learning opportunities, and new experiences for children, but they also create serious risks relating to privacy, safety, security, and ultimately the mental and physical wellbeing of children. How can we design an environment that is made for children and keeps their best interests in mind?

I am the Chief Executive and Founder of Iron Lakes, a company that empowers businesses and civil society to address and solve their biggest challenges and problems through deployed technological innovations in AI, Cybersecurity, and Spatial Computing. Having started my career in the Police Service over a decade ago, I truly understand how to operate tactically and effectively, and lead and encourage the growth of motivated and effective teams, with the human at the core of my delivery. As a published author and researcher in the field of Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare, I strive to connect bleeding-edge academic conceptualisation to tangible deployments. I champion many causes in the Equity space. I am a Global Fellowship Councillor for the RSA, and an Advisor on IEEE-SA’s Global Expert Panel on Children’s Experiences. I believe one must have perseverance, courage, and determination; to implement actual change for the betterment of all. To quote Edward Abbey, “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul”.