Speaker: Darren Culbreath


Interactive session to help understand the current thinking concerning Artificial Workers. Darren asserts that Artificial Workers are different that bots and are needed in our culture to meet the high demands of productivity. He defines Bots to be programs that are meant to be unattended and to provide a core repeated function. Artificial workers react and respond to live events that are NOT INTENDED for unmaintained use. They are specifically designed to amplify a human’s output. Their outputs are unique. The questions Darren will pose to the crowd are centered around the accountable properties of an Artificial worker. If a person agrees to utilize such a worker, what are the implications if that worker does something wrong? Who is accountable? The owner of the licensed Artificial worker? Is the user ultimately accountable  for the Artificial Workers actions? Is the software company that developed the Artificial Worker Accountable? What does a “Terms of Use” look like? Darren is looking forward to deep diving with the audience and learning together.


Application / Cloud modernization executive with over 20 years of experience that has overseen application landscape assessments and evaluations, identification of improvement/modernization opportunities, legacy systems risk identification, and mitigation plans, modernization/business improvement roadmaps, modernization migration/rehosting/ re-engineering/ execution, development of new functionalities for modernization, current state application architecture mapping, modern architecture design and optimization itemization and modernizing UI /UX estates.Darren Culbreath is a multi-faceted technologist with a proven track record as a Full Stack Engineer, Big Data Architect, Enterprise business/technical problem solver. Darren is an entrepreneur, marketing technology innovator, patent-holder and pioneer in the social listening space. Darren is also an avid biker, music enthusiast and songwriter. When not tinkering with the latest technology platforms, you’ll find him exploring the Virginia terrain on his hybrid bike or recording music in his studio. He resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Founder of Prototype Company