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IEEE 2089.2021 Age Appropriate Digital Services for Children

Speaker: Nishan Chelvachandran

Invited Panel: IEEE 2089.2021
Children need space to grow up, learn, evolve in a manner that allows them to develop through their stages of evolving capacities in a trustworthy environment. The exposure of children in cyberspace opens a wide spectrum of opportunities and risks. …

Data Privacy and Pernicious Persuasion

Speaker: Christine T. Dee
Affiliation: IBM
As our lives become increasingly digitized and connected we emit increasing amounts of data. Our general thinking is to protect our data from bad actors such as cyber criminals, hackers, or those who might exploit or personal information to cause us …

Artificial Workers on Social Media

Speaker: Darren Culbreath

Interactive session to help understand the current thinking concerning Artificial Workers. Darren asserts that Artificial Workers are different that bots and are needed in our culture to meet the high demands of productivity. He defines Bots to be programs that are meant to …

Call for Session Proposal and Speakers

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