Presenter: Chris Eade

Affiliation: Zafty Intelligence, CEO

Abstract: Mental heath is a global problem being tackled from many sides. For the last 3 years we have been collecting anonymous granular phone usage data from just under 1,000,000 users globally. We record every phone unlock, every app open and the time spent in the app, every installed app, battery percentage, steps and movement sensors, heartrate, gender, age bracket, phone model, carrier network, Bluetooth connections. Every event is timestamped and linked together for analysis. To date there are 5.5 billion datapoints collected. Our goal is to using changes in phone usage patterns to predict potential mental heath events. The ability to know when someone is stressed, depressed, or off medication and get them pro-active help Our primary focus is to help people, give them a tool and automatically reaches out to others when they need it most (and when they do not want to ask for help). The end app will be more than simply passive monitoring, it will be a clinical and evidence based tool that will help people with insights, answers and tools to help their mental health.

Chris is the founder, and co-founder of a number of companies, all with a digital and technology focus. Utilising his finance background Chris founded Lifebroker, a company that pioneered the digital space for life insurance. Lifebroker grew to be the largest life insurance broker in Australia. Since then Chris has started and sold a number of technology based businesses. In the background always thinking about interesting ways to look at mental health. That is when the concept for passive monitoring began 4 years ago, and since then has partnered with DARPA, Fujitsu, Kindred, NYU and a range of organisations to help fine tune the technology.