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Please read full instructions below prior to submission. Refer to the Call for Papers for submission topics.

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Key Dates:

Abstract/Draft Paper Due* 5/31/21 Extended and final! 5/14/21
Notification of Acceptance 7/15/2021
Submission of Camera Ready Paper 08/23/21 – 9/30/2021
Author/Presenter Registration Deadline  7/29/2021
Early Registration Deadline  8/1/2021
Regular Registration  8/16/2021

For Public Affairs  (Government Papers)

Abstract Clearance*                                    7/30/2021
Presentation Clearance** 8/16/2021
Paper Clearance 9/30/2021

*Abstract and draft paper submissions by the CFP deadline are for internal review only and are not considered for public release at that time **Please allow 45 days for PA approvals

Step-by-step instructions for authors:

Abstract submission:

(STEP 1) Prepare a 50-word abstract and a draft paper. Please use a short, succinct title and try to limit your title to one line of text. Do not add qualifying phrases that describe methods, tools, materials, applications, context, etc. These more properly belong in the abstract, not in the title itself. (STEP 2) Submit your 50-word Abstract and draft paper via the conference website form here, selecting the target session for your paper. Session names appear under “AES Focused Sessions” or “CAS Focused Sessions”  in the CFP.

(STEP 3) Once your submission is received, you will be sent a confirmation with a “Tracking Number/ID” Refer to this number on ALL future correspondence to us. Consider this your paper number.

Register and present paper:

(STEP 4) Register your paper for the conference (paper must be presented by one of the co-authors)  NLT 29 July 2021. We must receive one full conference registration for each selected paper.  To be published in our proceedings and to be submitted to IEEE Xplore, a qualified presenter must also appear and present the paper (2021 will be virtual). “No-shows” will not be published.  Papers presented without one full registration will not be published.  Non registered papers/authors shall not be permitted to present. Register here

Please note that each registration is unique by your email and other co-authors who wish to attend (other than the presenting author) should complete their own registration. Presenting authors who are found to have shared registration credentials to attend NAECON will not be published.

Final Camera-Ready Paper submission:

(STEP 5) Produce your camera-ready full paper per the IEEE template available at (NOTE: Submissions accepted as papers should submit a manuscript  up to 8 pages and those accepted as posters should submit a manuscript up to 4 pages)

(STEP 6) Check your camera-ready full paper using PDF-express,  (see detailed compliance IEEE Xplore compliance instructions further down this page).

(STEP 7) You will receive a compliant PDF file named as “########.pdf” (all digits).

(STEP 8) FINAL IMPORTANT STEP!!! Submit your Step 7 compliant “PID” file between 8/23/21 and 9/30/21 using the speaker login link at the top of this page. You must use your original abstract submission login to submit.  You will also submit the e-copyright with your manuscript submission.

WARNING: Failure to complete all steps above will prevent your manuscript from being included in the NAECON 2021 Proceedings submitted to IEEExplore!

Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings

If you chose to use MS Word or LaTeX, these templates incorporate the specifications for conference proceedings on US letter page size (8 1/2″ x 11″) Please note:  the files are compressed and cannot be opened on the server.  If you choose to use any of these optional templates, save the file to your drive before attempting to open it.

Microsoft Word 2000

LaTeX ( Archive Contents (PDF, 63 KB)) a

LaTeX (Bibliography Files) b

US letter (DOC)

Unix (ZIP)

Unix (currently unavailable)

Windows (ZIP)

Windows (ZIP)

a   The LaTeX System Tester is included in the LaTeX archives content. The package includes instructions on how to test your LaTeX system settings and reconfigure them as necessary to enable you to emulate the “control output” for the best PDF conversion. You are strongly encouraged to perform this test before laying out your final manuscript. b   Access IEEEtran LaTeX Class (template) V1.7 packages and IEEEtran V1.12 BibTeX (bibliography) packages. Be sure to use the template’s conference mode. See template documentation for details.

Adobe Distiller Settings for IEEE Xplore Compliance:

It is REQUIRED for NAECON that all PDF submissions be IEEE Xplore compliant. Download Specifications here in Adobe PDF.

NOTE: If your file does not meet Xplore compliance, it will NOT be published and will be removed from the Proceedings CDROM and the IEEE Xplore system. To help you meet these requirements, you MUST check to ensure that your PDF file is compliant by using the IEEE PDF eXpress system BEFORE you submit your paper to the conference final submission website.

1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress web site:
2. Click on the link “New Users – Click Here” and fill in your information.
3. Use this conference ID: 49338X
4. Use PDF eXpress to check or create your PDF file
5. Once you have a GOOD PDF file, submit as described in Step 8 above

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that checking your PDF file for compliance using these instructions and submitting your final paper for publication are TWO separate procedures and BOTH must be accomplished.