Camera Ready submission guidelines

Below are some useful instructions to assist the authors to submit papers


Papers submitted to R10HTC 2021 shall be original work by the author(s) that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The IEEE anti-plagiarism policy is applicable to all submissions. The author(s) are solely responsible for any plagiarized submission


All papers are required to be prepared and submitted in the IEEE Standard two –column conference format of A4 size in English. Papers must be four to six pages in length, including texts, Figures, photographs and references. Any submitted paper that exceeds six pages will be rejected. The first page must include the title of the paper, author(s), affiliations, address and text. Please do not include page numbers on submitted documents. Failing to conform to the standard format will result in rejection. The detailed template for paper submission can be found in the link below


Once the paper is submitted, we shall start reviewing it, so authors cannot update/resubmit the paper. They should submit the final version. Any updates/resubmissions are not allowed.

The paper shall consist of original and previously unpublished work, including specific results. The ‘Introduction’ of the paper shall clearly indicate the unique aspects of the submission and how it is related to the previous work.

All paper submissions must be electronic, using IEEE Xplore compliant PDF format (*.pdf). Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the paper. Embedded Type 1 or True Type fonts are required in the submitted PDF ×le as subset fonts.

Type 3 fonts (bitmaps) will not be accepted. Authors can use the IEEE PDF eXpress to generate compliant PDF Files for final submission.