Webinar Speakers

Jeff Hoffman


Joanne Gouaux

Social Impact Strategist
Co-Host, The Track Two Podcast
CEO, Morning Angel

Kevin Kuchta

Founder & CEO
First Response Mental Health

Chun Che Lance Fung

Emeritus Professor

Project Goals

Gather interest among students and young professionals to create and contribute to sustainable and humanitarian technology projects in Region 10

To create an atmosphere for the interested participants to showcase their deployment skill for humanitarian purposes.

Criteria of Call For Participants

Teams can have maximum of 4 members

Should have at least 2 IEEE Student members in each team

Teams can have maximum of 1 young professionals grade IEEE member in the team

Plan of Action

Phase 1

Submit teams and Ideas
Start Date: 3rd Oct
End Date: 15th Oct
Results: 20th Oct

Phase 2

Build Basic Prototype and Report
Start Date: 21st Oct
End Date: 20th November
Results:25th November

Phase 3

Build Final product and Report
Start Date: 26th November
End Date: 24th December
Results: 30th December

Action Plan

1)Teams and Idea should be submitted on Oct 4th.

2)Best ideas will be announced in Social Media Page and also the idea’s shall be well documented for teams to implement.

3)Project Durations should be within 80 days in total and send the report by the end of 20th, December 2021.



1.Agriculture and Food Security
2.Biomedical Engineering for Good Health and Wellness
3.Clean Water and Sanitation
4.Climate Action and Environment, Green Buildings
5.Communication and Connectivity for Sustainable Development
6.Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
7.Economic Growth – Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
8.Energy and Clean Technologies
9.Industry 4.0 and Infrastructure
10.Plastic use Reduction and Waste Management
11.Quality Education
12.Sustainable Villages, Cities and Communities, Traffic Systems
13.Technologies and Innovations related to Fight against epidemics and pandemics


‣Teams should create project ideas which will not cost more than $500 in implementation within 80 days.
‣Project Teams shall be created in Random by the organizing team
‣It can be a product or event which can be taken by an OU
‣Teams need to submit Presentation on 30 Sept and Document on 6th October
‣Project Presentations should contain
       Project brief
       Impact Created by your project
       Implementation Plan
       Unique Value Proposition
‣Final Project Document should contain the following
    Project brief
    Project Team information (Photo + short bio)
     Project Plan
            Plan of Action
           Timeline for implementation
           Impact created by your project

How this will be in lines with sustainability goals?
‣Scalability of the project

A Glimpse of IEEE R10 HTA Day 2021