Nadoja K P Rao (Kinnikambla Padmanabha Rao)

During his career spanning five decades, Prof K P Rao has taught a bewildering variety of subjects (Human Computer Interaction, Printing & Media engineering, Mathematics, Electronics & Communication, to name a few ) at MIT and MIC Manipal, IIT Bombay , IIT Guwahati etc. He has also served as Scientific Officer, Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay, (Now BARC) as Technical Manager – Tata Press Limited. He continues to be a model student, completing at least one course every two months from UCB, MIT’s OCW or Stanford. He is self-taught in Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented intelligence, Philosophy of Mathematics etc.
KPR has been mentored by a galaxy of greats: HomiBhabha, Raja Ramanna, D DKosambi, Don Knuth, Warnock and Geschke, Sediyapu Krishna Bhat, Kirtinatha Kurthakoti and many more. While at USA, he was acquainted with great scholars from Stanford, MIT etc.
KPR is also a contributor to the Free Software Foundation, Sourceforge, Wikipedia and Youtube in Language, Linguistics and PaleoGraphy. KPR has developed weapon systems for defence at BARC, pioneered software for phonetic word-processing in Indian Languages, invented laser output systems and optical reproduction systems for printing.
KPR is also the recipient of several awards such as the Karnataka Rajyostava Award, District Sahitya Academy award, Alva’s Nudisiri Award, Nadoja Award from Kannada University which is a equivalent to D.Litt.(h.c) for contribution to Indian languages the latest being ‘Lipi Brahma’ for his contribution of fonts for local language scripts, Eminent Aloysian by St. Aloysius College.
An ardent student of technical courses on the net in a variety of subjects even as of now, he also contributes to the Free Software Foundation, Sourceforge and Wikipedia. Contributes to Youtube in Language, Linguistics and PaleoGraphy.,
He continues to work on ancient educational and text archival systems of India. Grammar and its course at Takshashila Contributions educational institutions and men of name such as Panini, Upavarsha, Vararuchi, Patanjali, Bahartrhari, Sayana, Madhava and many more.
3 Books.In 1972 Properties of Elemental Materials- Tata McGrawhill. Coauthor., published in 2000- Paper Technology, for the printer and Colour and its applications in Web and Print. in 2002
Also in print-is Typography and Type Design for Non Roman Type. and many 1 hour lectures on you tube