Interview Competition

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In the IEEE Region 3 Interview Competition, IEEE students will compete to have the most amount of mock interviews in a set time period. It will be on the students to find interviewers and set up a mock interview. The interview can occur over phone or any other conference platform of their choice (i.e. Skype, Google Meet, Zoom). Students will compete individually and there is no limit on the amount of students that can compete from a single student branch. Any Region 3 student with an IEEE student membership is allowed to participate. This includes graduate students.

The scoring process of this competition will be based on the assumption that the quality of a interview will be correlated with the amount of mock interviews. Therefore, students will earn a set amount of points for every interview they receive. The amount of points will be dependent on the category of the interviewer (i.e. student, IEEE Section member, University faculty/staff, etc.). A full list of interviewers categories and their points will be detailed in the competition rules.

Criteria for an interview will be detailed in the rules. The amount of time spent on the the interview and the student’s reflection on the interview will be part of the criteria. The students will be expected to submit proof of their interview to the Interview Competition. Details of how to submit proof of the interview will be found in the Interview competition rules.

Questions may be submitted to

Students will have until the competition closes to join in the competition.
This means that students can join the competition after the start date.