Technical Presentation Competition

Rules – Coming Soon

In the IEEE Region 3 Student Presentation Competition, IEEE undergraduate students will have the opportunity to refine their technical presentation skills. The technical presentation should be able to clearly describe your technical contributions and to convince others about the importance of the technical aspects in the allowed content areas below.

There will be 5 content areas allowed this year:
1) Internship/non-profit project
2) Class research project
3) Personal interest on a technical topic
4) Training/tutorial material
5) Technical pitch for business sponsorship

Teams must submit a video abstract when they register for the competition, by the deadline Sunday, February 14th. The video abstract must be a 5-minutes description of what your technical presentation will be about and how it fits into one of the content areas above. Teams will provide the video as a YouTube link. This video will be reviewed by the Student Activities Committee; who will determine the finalists from these submissions.

All teams will be notified by Sunday, February 28th if they are finalists in the competition. The finalists will present their presentation during a video streaming session and will be ranked by a group of judges.

Teams can be made up of 1-3 students. There is no limit to how many teams each university can submit for the video abstract, but only one team per university will be chosen as a finalist.

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Video Abstract:
Finalists Announced:

February 14th 2021
February 28th 2021