Special Session: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Electrical Systems

This special session will be part of ARGENCON 2020, it will be supervised by Power and Energy Chairs and Co Chairs, and organized by four distinguished professionals. Interested parties may submit papers for this session, by remarking -at the time of submitting their article in the CMT system- that they wish to submit the paper to be presented in the special PES session.

Special Session is organized by the following specialists:

  • Luis I. Silva, Ph.D., Universidad Nacional de Rafaela – CONICET, Argentina.
  • Cristian H. De Angelo, Ph.D., Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto – CONICET, Argentina.
  • Luis H. Vera, Ph.D., Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina.
  • Diego M. Ferreyra, Ph.D., UTN – Facultad Regional San Francisco, Argentina


Electrical systems represent the heart of modern society. The industrial, commercial, residential and government sectors are based on their use. According to the most recent report from the International Energy Agency, the global energy produced during 2017 was generated by fossil fuels (64.9%), hydraulic energy (16.3%), nuclear (10.3%) and renewable energy (8.5%). In terms of demand, 53.8% of the world’s electricity is consumed by electric motor systems, 17.7% by heating systems, 15.1% by lighting systems, 8.2% by electronic equipment and 5.2% by electrolysis.
The challenge is to increase renewable sources in the generation and to improve the efficiency of those systems that use electrical energy, in order to make our energy system more sustainable.
This special session will present papers related to efficient generation/use of electrical energy, the impact of power quality problems on the efficiency, the technologies associated to high efficiency motors and the implementation of new technological processes devoted to improve energy efficiency.

Note: to submit your paper to this special session, please specify “to the PES Special Session..” when uploading the PDF document in CMT online system, as seen in the following figure:


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy Efficiency in Electric Motor Driven Systems (EE-EMDS)
  • Energy Efficient in Buildings
  • Energy Savings at Home
  • Energy Efficient New Homes
  • Energy Strategies for Buildings & Plants
  • Energy Savings for Industry Applications
  • Energy Savings & Building Sustainability
  • Efficient Generation Of Electrical Energy


This special session will be sponsored by IEEE Argentina Section, Joint Chapter on Industrial Electronics, Control Systems, Robotics and Automation, Industry Applications, Power Electronics, and Vehicular Technology Societies.