Role or ChargeName
Board of Directors IEEE Argentina Section (Steering Committee)IEEE Argentina Section Board of Directors:
Augusto José Herrera. Chair.
Graciela Norma Pataro. Vice Chair.
Juan Manuel Perdomo. Secretary.
Alvaro Luis Fraga. Treasurer.
LMAG Life Members:
Luis Remez. Chair.
General ChairCarlos Alejandro Pérez. IEEE CI11 Computational Intelligence Society Argentina Chapter. Vice Chair.
Technical Program ChairsMarcelo Karanik. Chair
Ricardo Armentano Vice Chair. IEEE Eminent Engineer Award 2019 (LATAM)
María Daniela López De Luise. Vice Chair. IEEE CI11 Computational Intelligence Society, Argentina Section, Chair.
Proceedings CommitteeSergio Gramajo. Chair.
Gabriela Tomaselli.
Rolando Scappini.
Sessions Committee, ChairAlejandro Farías.
Physical Spaces Management (at venue)Walter Morales
Representative for Resistencia Regional Faculty, National Technological UniversityJorge De Pedro
Congress TreasurerAlvaro Fraga. IEEE Argentina Section, Treasurer.
Treasurer for Resistencia Regional Faculty, National Technological UniversityAna Carolina Orcola.
Attendance Management and Registration at venue.Mario Sergio Cleva. Chair.
Johana Alexia Centurión
Facundo Cuzziol
Mayra Antolina González
Alejandro Fabián Nadal
Exequiel Andrés Schuster
Alejo Gustavo Zavala
Attendance mobility managerOmar Benítez
Press relationship (venue)Patricia Castillo
Elian Kordi
Internet and online services (venue)Diego Bolatti
Audio visual communication (venue)Julieta Acosta
Public Relationships (venue)Gabriela Kupervaser
Social activities and tourism (venue)Elian Kordi
Protocol manager (venue)Patricia Castillo
Special events (venue)Sebastián Bisson



Position or roleName(s)
ChairMarcelo Javier Karanik, Ph.D.
Vice ChairRicardo Luis Armentano Feijoo, Ph.D.
Vice ChairMaría Daniela López de Luise, Ph.D.


Main TopicName(s)
Aeronautics and SpaceMartín España. CONAE. UBA. IEEE, member.
Juan Fraire. IEEE AES10 Aerospace and Electronic Systems.
Walkiria Schulz. UNC.
Automation and ControlJorge Vega. UTN FRSF.
Julián Pucheta. UNC (CONICET). IEEE, member.
BioengineeringNatalia López Celani. IEEE EMB18 Engineering in Medicine and Biology. Secretary.
Virginia Laura Ballarín. IEEE EMB18 Engineering in Medicine and Biology. Vice Chair.
CommunicationsDavid La Red Martínez. UNNE.
Jorge Emilio Monzón. UNNE. IEEE, Member.
Computer Systems and High-performance ComputingLeopoldo José Ríos. UNNE (CONICET).
Orlando Micolini. IEEE Argentina, Córdoba Subsection, Member.
Computational IntelligenceGustavo Eduardo Juárez. UNT-UTN FRT. IEEE CI11, Computational Intelligence, member.
Cristian Rodríguez Rivero. IEEE CI11 Computational Intelligence, member.
Cybersecurity and cyber defenseSilvina Gastaldi. UNDEF, M.O.D.
José A. Torres. UNDEF, M.O.D.
Enrique Larrieu-Let. USAL.
EducationLiliana Raquel Cuenca Pletsch. UTN (Board of Directors)
María de los Milagros Gutiérrez. UTN FRSF.
Electromagnetic Compatibility, Antennas and PropagationPablo Carlos Marino Belcaguy. IEEE AES10 Aerospace and Electronic Systems.
Sergio Figueroa. IEEE AES10 Aerospace and Electronic Systems.
Hugo Títolo. IEEE AES10 Aerospace and Electronic Systems.
Geoscience and Remote SensingCarlos Marcelo Scavuzzo. CONAE.
Jorge Luis Márquez. IEEE 2018 GRS29 Geosciences and Remote Sensors.
Industrial Applications and Power ElectronicsJorge Levingston. INTI.
Guillermo Catuogno. IEEE CS23 Joint Chapter #1.
MicroelectronicsVictor J. Lifchitz. IEEE CAS04 Circuits and Systems.
Martín di Federico. IEEE CAS04 Circuits and Systems.
Oceanic EngineeringGerardo Acosta. IEEE O22 Oceanic Engineering.
Sebastián Aldo Villar. IEEE O22 Oceanic Engineering.
Photonics and Optical SystemsGustavo Adolfo Aucar. UNNE (CONICET)
Guillermo Pablo Ortiz. FaCENA - UNNE.
Power and EnergySantiago Barbero. IEEE PE31 Power & Energy Argentina Chapter.
Diego Alonso. IEEE PE31 Power & Energy Argentina Chapter.
RoboticsRoberto Gastón Araguas. UTN FRC.
Gonzalo F. Pérez Paina. UTN FRC. IEEE, member.
Signal ProcessingMagdalena Lucini. UNNE (CONICET).
Roxana Saint-Nom. IEEE CS23 Joint Chapter #1.
Software EngineeringVerónica Bolatti. UTN FRRE (CONICET).
Milton D. Marché. IEEE C16 Computer, Chair. IEEE COM19 Communications, Treasurer.
Software QualityCésar Acuña. UTN FRRE.
Noelia Pinto. UTN FRRE.
Video Games and GamificationGraciela Esnaola Horacek. UNTREF.
María Daniela López de Luise. IEEE CI11 Computational Intelligence Society, Chair.


Position or RoleName
ChairSergio Daniel Gramajo
Vice ChairRolando Scappini
Vice ChairGabriela Tomaselli


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