Tutorials page is live!

Variety of different tutorials descriptions -including explainable AI, uncertainty, clustering and more- can be found on the tutorials page now. Beware that each tutorial provides a ‘chilli-rating’ (🌶) to help attendees choose which tutorials may be most suitable for them more >>>

IEEE CIS Student and Early Career Mentoring Program is live!

The mentoring programs held at Fuzz-IEEE 2019 (New Orleans) and WCCI 2020 (Glasgow/virtual) were rated exceptionally high, with around 90% of participants rating the programs Very Useful or Useful and about 9 out of 10 confirming they would recommend participation to a friend.

Fuzz-IEEE 2021 will offer an expanded IEEE CIS mentoring program, keeping the best parts of the 2019 and 2020 editions, while adding new activities, such as the Paper Development Workshop (PDW) to support authors aspiring to submit their best work to flagship journals. more>>>