Logo by Paul Mathey

Paul Mathey was born and raised in Luxembourg. He graduated from the Athénée de Luxembourg secondary school with a specialization in fine arts. After graduating as Dipl. Ing. in Architecture from the Technical University of Munich and working as an employee in several architecture offices, Paul Mathey founded “Paul Mathey Architecture & Design S.à r.l.” studio. At the same time, he is an independent painter and sculptor in Luxembourg.

Paul Mathey’s design style is characterized by clear, minimal forms. His architectural projects, as well as his product- and graphic designs are based on the principals of those pure forms. Even though his designs are complex and may contain a lot of information, they do not use any unnecessary ornaments, which make them easy to read and understand.

The design of the 2019 FUZZ-IEEE logo reflects the straightforward and minimal features of Paul Mathey’s design style. The Adolph Bridge towering above the Petrusse valley, is one of Luxembourg’s most iconic symbols. The red curve follows the grand arch of the Adolphe Bridge, the blue curve represents the arch of the valley formed by the Petrusse river. In addition, the two curves look like the visual representation of a fuzzy set. The space between the two curves has deliberately been left blank. Thus, with red on top, white in the middle and blue on the bottom, the colours used for the logo are those of the Luxembourg national flag.