As every year, we have finalists for Best Paper, Best Student Paper, runner-up in each of the categories, as well as a number of Awardees from the Fuzz-IEEE 2021 Competitions, details below.

IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems 2021 – Best Paper Award Finalists

229 Yoshihiro Maruyama A Reasoning System for Fuzzy Distributed Knowledge Representation in Multi-Agent Systems
288 Giovanni Acampora and Autilia Vitiello Error Mitigation in Quantum Measurement through Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
17 Stefano Aguzzoli and Pietro Codara Towards an Algebraic Topos Semantics for Three -valued Goedel Logic
47 Romain Guillaume, Adam Kasperski and Pawel Zielinski Distributionally Robust Optimization in Possibilistic Setting
48* Matthew Deardorff, Derek Anderson, Timothy Havens, Bryce Murray, Siva Kakula and Timothy Wilkin Earth Mover’s Distance as a Similarity Measure for Linear Order Statistics and Fuzzy Integrals
240* Zack Ellerby and Christian Wagner Do People Prefer to Give Interval-Valued or Point Estimates and Why?
241* Andrew Buck, Derek Anderson, James Keller, Robert Luke and Grant Scott A Fuzzy Spatial Relationship Graph for Point Clouds Using Bounding Boxes
110 Narukawa Yasuo and Torra Vicenc An Score Index for Hesitant Fuzzy Sets Based on the Choquet Integral

IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems 2021 – Best Student Paper Award Finalists

53 Keqiuyin Li, Jie Lu, Hua Zuo and Guangquan Zhang Multi-Source Domain Adaptation with Fuzzy-Rule based Deep Neural Networks
171* Naeemeh Adel, Keeley Crockett, Joao P. Carvalho and Valerie Cross Fuzzy Influence in Fuzzy Semantic Similarity Measures
37 Ruxia Liang, Qian Zhang and Jianqiang Wang Hierarchical Fuzzy Graph Attention Network for Group Recommendation
303* Liam Beasley, Hani Hagras, Anthony Conway and Gilbert Owusu A Type-2 Fuzzy Based Multi-Objective Optimisation for Strategic Network Planning in the Telecommunication Domain
13 Guoliang Feng, Wei Lu and Jianhua Yang Time Series Modeling with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps based on Partitioning Strategies
35* Qiao Lin, Xin Chen, Chao Chen and Jonathan Garibaldi FuzzyDCNN: Incorporating Fuzzy Integral Layers to Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Segmentation
44 Clement Moreau, Thomas Devogele, Cyril de Runz, Veronika Peralta, Evelyne Moreau and Laurent Etienne A Fuzzy Generalisation of the Hamming Distance for Temporal Sequences
299* Ravikiran Chimatapu, Hani Hagras, Mathias Kern and Gilbert Owusu Enhanced Deep Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System For Global Interpretability

Best Paper Selection Process:

The best paper selection is conducted by the conference Awards Committee through the following stages:

  1. Award finalist papers are selected from all accepted papers based on highest average review scores and reviewer best paper award nominations.
  2. To avoid any conflict-of-interest, all finalist papers involving a conference committee member are excluded from proceeding beyond this selection stage. These papers are marked by an asterisk (*) above.
  3. All remaining papers are evaluated in detail by the committee, focussing both on the paper and its presentation.
  4. Based on the evaluation, the committee selects the awardees for best paper and best student-paper, as well as the runner-up in each category.
  5. Awardees will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Competition Awards

FUZZ-IEEE 2021 Competition on Explainable Energy Prediction

Team Members Affiliation Rank
Dilini Rajapaksha & Christoph Bergmeir Monash University, Australia First Place
Boris Rabinovich & Kasun Bandara Boris – Amdocs, Israel Kasun – Melbourne Centre for Data Science, The University of Melbourne, Australia Runner-up
Young-ho Cho Konkuk University, South Korea Finalist


Autonomous Drone Racing Competition @ FUZZ-IEEE 2021

No Team Name Team Members Affiliation Rank
1 Computer Vision and Aerial Robotics 1.Alberto Díez González (Author)
2. Carlos Santos Pérez
3. Pascual Campoy Cervera
4. Óscar Ramos Rubio
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, University of Alcala Winner
2 Controlman077 1. Cheng Chen
2. Qingyang Yan
3. Bo Yang
4. Prof. Dongrui Wu (Tutor)
5. Prof. Jian Huang (Tutor)
Huazhong University of Science and Technology Runner Up
3 Lucid Group 1.  Direnc Pekaslan
2. Christian Wagner
University of Nottingham Finalist
4 ACSL Team   Korea University Finalist
5 Team KUT   Kochi University of Technology Finalist

FML-based Machine Learning Competition for Human and Smart Machine Co-Learning on Real-World Applications – Ranking

No Team Name Team Members Affiliation Rank
    University Group
U2 OASE-BCI Wen-Kai Kuan, Sheng-Hui Huang, Yi-Lin Tsai, Rinpin Chang, and Mei-Hui Wang National University of Tainan, Taiwan Runner Up
U3 OASE-ISE Zong-Han Ciou, Chun-Hao Tsai, Rinpin Chang, and Mei-Hui Wang National University of Tainan, Taiwan First Place
U4 OASE-KWS-NUTN1 Hsiao-Chi Liu, Szu-Chi Chiu, Hong-Yi Huang, and Bao-Zheng Chen National University of Tainan, Taiwan Third Place
    Elementary/High School Group @ Tainan City, Taiwan
E1 Rende King of Gods Chun-Kai Chuang, Neiri Seyama, Yen-Yung Tsai, and Hong-Yi Su
Team Leaders: Hsiao-Chi Liu, Chih-Yu Chen, Yu-Chen Huang, and Pei-Yu Lee
Rende Elementary School, Taiwan First Place
E3 Rende We Are Great Hung-I Mei, Jin-Yuan Lee, Ting-Kai Chen, Chin-Ho Chen, and Rui-Lin Li
Team Leaders: Pin-Zhen Su, Yu-Lin Dai, Yu-Chen Huang, and Pei-Yu Lee
Rende Elementary School, Taiwan Runner Up
E9 BCI Music Listening AIoT Demonstration Chun-Kai Chuang, Zhen-Hui Wu, Hung-I Mei, and Hong-Yi Su
Team Leader: Rinpin Chang
Rende Elementary School, Taiwan Third Place
    Elementary/High School Group @ Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
E4 Team DGPS BCIMusic Yi-Ciao Wang and Tzu-Chieh Huang
Team Leader: Wei-Chih Chen
DongGuang Elementary School, Taiwan Third Place
E5 Team DGPS SolarEnergy Chia-Chen Hsu, Tzu-Chieh Tsai, and Ying-Shen Chen
Team Leader: Wei-Chih Chen
DongGuang Elementary School, Taiwan First Place
E6 Team DGPS GoGame Sheng-Cheng Huang, Kuei-Hung Cheng, and Yung-Hsuan Chen
Team Leader: Wei-Chih Chen
DongGuang Elementary School, Taiwan Runner Up