#AuthorsPaper Title
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24Saeed Mian QaisarEfficient Prediction of the Li-Ion Battery Capacity by Using Event-Driven Acquisition and Machine Learning
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109Rita Christian, Peter Musau and Abraham NyeteEnergy Efficiency Gains by LED Luminaires in Common Areas’ of Shopping Malls Through Transition from Fluorescent Lamps to LED – Case of Mini mall Kisumu
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120Elmer Rodrigo Aquino LaricoDetermination of the optimal inclination angle for solar collectors using the Box - Behnken design in the Peruvian highlands
121Elmer Rodrigo Aquino LaricoPhotovoltaic solar cooker controlled by pulse width modulation in the Peruvian highlands
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150Kelechi EkeEnd-of-Life Management of Power Generation Assets: Nigerian Perspective
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158Srijib MukherjeeA hub and spoke approach to optimizing energy wheeling of renewable resources
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163Veena Phunpeng and Thongchart KerdpholComparative Study of Sugeno and Mamdani Fuzzy Inference Systems for Virtual Inertia Emulation
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