Rhonda Farrell

Dr. Rhonda Farrell is a humble, servant leader, consistently working to positively increase an organization’s impact and capabilities by working synergistically and cross-functionally. She exemplifies the positive characteristics of good leadership, including strategic vision, commitment, passion, empathy, honesty, integrity, positive communications, and sound decision making capabilities.

Dr. Farrell bolsters her leadership competencies by being well grounded in the cybersecurity, technical, innovation, quality management and change management areas. She is certified as a CCMP, CISSP, CMAP, CMQ/OE, CSQE, CSSLP, and recently achieved Prosci Certified Change Practitioner® status which focuses on ensuring organizational success through harnessing and bolstering the three foundational elements of leadership, project management, and change management.

She takes a very collaborative approach in her organizational efforts, be they technical, programmatic, risk, or change focused and seeks to work cross-functionally to better engage  and influence leaders, staff, and personnel to build shared understanding, visualize successful outcomes,  and use scorecards, marketing materials, social media, and other communication channel to drive performance, transformation, and continuous improvement initiatives forward.

Dr. Farrell can be counted on to deliver operationally, programmatically, and community-building wise, using strong leadership, change management, strategy, and ability to influence others. For example, she was seminal in growing program initiatives from ideation through board approval, planning, alignment, implementation and operation, which enabled participation and benefitted members in over 95 countries of the globe.

She has served commercial, academia, government, and non-profit organizations over the course of her 35+ year career, utilizing the basics of military service in her early years to the United States Marine Corps, and additionally founded non-profit special interest groups, technical alliances and LLCs. She serves (or has served) women, veteran, youth, practitioner, and executive populations at the global, regional, local board, or committee level with ACMP, ASQ, IEEE, ISSA, and WIT.