IEEE MMSP 2020 Grand Challenge, JPEG AI Challenge on Learning-based Image Coding, solicits technical contributions that demonstrate efficient coding of image content based on a learning-based approach.

The Grand Challenge winners have been selected based on the experimental results obtained and the review of the significance, novelty and impact of the submitted image coding solutions:

Best performing image coding solution

Winners: Tong Chen, Haojie Liu, Ming Lu & Zhan Ma.

Most innovative image coding solution

Winners: Nannan Zou, Honglei Zhang, Francesco Cricri, Hamed Tavakoli, Jani Lainema, Miska Hannuksela, Emre Aksu & Esa Rahtu.

The awards will be given to each winning team and are sponsored by Huawei. Congratulations to the winners!

Sponsored by Huawei