Important Dates


Workshop proposal & Grand challenge proposal submission


Special Session proposal submission


Regular and Special Session paper submission


Grand Challenge paper and/or JPEG technical document submission

27 July, 2020

Notification of paper acceptance

16 August, 2020

Camera-ready paper submission

23 August, 2020

Demo paper submission

21–23 September, 2020

MMSP 2020, Fully Virtual Conference

#MMSP2020 Keynote Speker introduction: Thrasyvoulos (Thrasos) N. Pappas from Northwestern University will talk about Perceptual Texture Analysis for Multimedia Processing. Find out more here @NorthwesternEng #Multimedia #TextureAnalysis

#MMSP2020 Keynote Speaker introduction: Hong Hua from the University of Arizona will talk about the Progresses, Challenges, and Opportunities of Head-Mounted Light Field Displays for Mixed Reality. Find out more: #LightFieldDisplay #MixedReality @uarizona

#MMSP2020 Keynote Speaker introduction: Ivan Tashev from Microsoft Research will give a talk on Capture, Representation, and Rendering of 3D Audio. Find out more about the talk here #3Daudio @MSFTResearch