Michael Parker


Track: Low SWaP
Talk Title: Low SWaP Array Processing Architecture





Michael Parker is an engineering fellow for Space and Airborne Systems in tactical Radar Systems Engineering who has extensive industry experience in multiple areas including semiconductor, wireless, industrial and military. He has in-depth engineering implementation experience in system, hardware and firmware, including at the RF level, and has spent over half of career working in small or startup companies to develop innovative products from the ground up, rather than to evolve an existing mature product. Michael authored two editions of the book “Digital Signal Processing 101”, published by Elsevier.
Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University.


Radar and EW systems generally use AESA antennas. However, by combining the array elements at the array, these systems fail to take full advantage of the array capabilities. Recent AESA antennas architectures have the ability to provide I/Q digital inputs and outputs for each element. This creates new processing challenges, and the need for a new architecture to enable capabilities such as very high adaptation rates with unprecedented independent beam counts in SWaP constrained environments.