Ronald Hartung PhD

Ronald Hartung PhD

The Design Knowledge Company

Track: Autonomy
Talk Title: What is the future of AI and what does this mean for Autonomy?



Dr. Ronald Hartung is a Senior Researcher employed by The Design Knowledge Company of Fairborn and an adjunct computer science faculty at Franklin University, Columbus Ohio. He has been a Program and Department Chair in Computer Science for Franklin University and employed by Bell Laboratories, Quest Communications and The Naval Surface Weapons Center. His work has included natural language processing, speech recognition, signal processing, digital hardware design, microprogramming, network research, and software system architecture. His primary interest in AI is artificial general intelligence (hard AI) and understanding what people really do when they think. Ron’s research includes collaboration with international colleagues in Sweden, South Korea and Poland, with over 30 published works, mostly in AI. He serves as an advisory board member and track chair for the Knowledge
Engineering Systems conferences. Ron holds a Ph.D. in computer science from The Ohio State University, MSCS from Virginia Polytechnic and State University and a BSEE from The Ohio State University.


This talk offers a purely personal perspective on the author’s perception of the state of AI. It arose as a reaction to machine learning and current goals being expressed in the popular press and research literature. It sprang from discussions with the faulty at the University of Tromso, Norway and reflects the author’s experience and observations of AI that date from the early 1980’s.
SHORT BIO: As an EE and a computer scientist, Ron has worked on both hardware and software aspects of computing. His career path included The Naval Surface Weapons Center, Bell Labs, Franklin University and now TDKC working with RYWA in malware detection and response. His current work is delving into the use of genetic programming and evolutionary algorithms. His personal research interest is in General AI (hard AI) and especially how a system could achieve consciousness.