Luis Herrera

Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo

Talk Title: Time scale analysis for the controller design of microgrids



Luis Herrera is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University at Buffalo. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Research Engineer with the University of Dayton Research Institute. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power Electronics and Control from The Ohio State University in 2015.


Microgrids are being deployed in a wide range of applications, ranging from utility to aerospace systems. Power electronics are one of the key enabling components of a flexible microgrid, allowing for energy conversion and control. In this talk, the dynamic model of microgrids will be discussed, focusing on the wide range of time scales present in these systems, where some states converge relatively fast (microseconds) and others at a slower rate (seconds).  In particular, the interactions between these different dynamics will be the focus of the analysis in an attempt to improve the controller design and performance at the different time levels.  Controller design methods will be discussed and examples will be presented for dc microgrids.