Lorenzo Lo Monte

Chief Scientist, Telephonics

Talk Title: Technology Gaps in Radar: An Industry Perspective



Dr. Lo Monte has a diversified experience in applied Radar, RF, DSP, EW Systems design and prototyping, from small companies, consulting, academia, research institutions, to large defense contractors and government agencies worldwide. He serves as Chief Scientist at Telephonics, a top-100 defense corporation specializing in ISR, with the role of translating research innovations into commercial products. Prior to that, he was a Professor at the University of Dayton, and the Executive Director of the Mumma Radar Laboratory. Dr. Lo Monte has published over 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, conference proceedings, book chapters, and patents.

Dr. Lo Monte is highly active in the IEEE community, serving as the AESS VP for Education, and as the General Chair for the IEEE Radar Conference, to be held in NYC in 2022. Dr. Lo Monte was also a Technical Editor of the IEEE Sensors Journal for many years. Dr. Lo Monte is also an AESS Distinguished Lecturer and an approved AESS Short Course Instructor. He taught many short courses in radar, EW and RF worldwide, including at AFRL, NASIC, AFLCMC, MIT, Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) and DSTO (Australia), Singapore, as well as underrepresented sections such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Bolivia.


Military and Government personnel are accustomed to Technology gap briefings, describing the needs for the warfighter. A less frequent discussion is on the Technology gap that the industry is facing to meet the CONOPs of the DoD. This talk will present some of the DoD’s desired technologies and the technological challenges that the industry faces in solving them. The talk will focus on Radar technologies.