Invited Speakers


  • Greg Hays, SLAC National Accelerator Facilities – Expanding the FEL Boundaries: FELs of Today and the Future.
  • Mitsuru Uesaka, Japan Atomic Energy Commission- Applications of Particle Accelerators.
  • Richard G Van De Water, Los Alamos National Laboratory – Searches for Axions and Dark Matter.


  • TBD

Main Classification 01 – Colliders

  • Progress on the Electron-Ion Collider. Ferdinand J. Willeke, BNL.
  • The Electron/Positron Future Circular Collider. Frank Zimmermann, CERN.
  • Options for Future Colliders on Fermilab Site. Pushpalatha C. Bhat, FNAL.
  • The International Effort Towards a Muon Collider. Diktys Stratakis. FNAL

Main Classification 02 – Photon Sources and Electron Accelerators

  • Single pass high efficiency THz FEL. Andrew Fisher, UCLA.
  • Xfel as a Low-Emittance Injector for a 4th-Generation Synchrotron Radiation Source. Toru Hara, SACLA.
  • High voltage DC gun for high intensity polarized electron source. Omer Habib Rahman, BNL.
  • Commissioning of LCLS-II. Yuantao Ding, SLAC.
  • Progress towards long-lifetime, high-current polarized-electron sources. Jyoti Biswas, Stony Brook University.
  • The challenging physics regimes of high current electron beams. Joshua Eugene Coleman, LANL.

Main Classification 03 – Advanced Acceleration

  • Demonstation of High-Gradient in a Cryo-Cooled X-Band Structure. Mamdouh H. Nasr, SLAC.
  • Results of Awake Run 1 and Plans for Run 2 Towards HEP Applications. Michele Bergamaschi, CERN.
  • First Lasing of a Free-Electron Laser with a Compact Beam-Driven Plasma Accelerator. Stephano Romeo, LNF-INFN.
  • Ultrahigh Energy Electrons from Laser Wakefield Accelerators. B.M. Hegelich, UT Austin.

Main Classification 04 – Hadron Accelerators

  • Next-generation accelertor facilities at Fermilab. Robert Miles Zwaska, FNAL.
  • Instant Phase Setting in a Large Superconducting Linac. Alexander Plastun, FRIB.
  • Upgrade of the FRIB ReAccelerator. Antonio Carlos Camargo Villari, FRIB.
  • Advances in the ATLAS Accelerator. M. Kelly, ANL.

Main Classification 05 – Beam Dynamics

  • Demonstration of Optical Stochastic Cooling in an Electron Storage Ring. Jonathan Jarvis, FNAL.
  • Experimental Demonstration of Multi-Function Longitudinal Beam Phase-Space Manipulation via Double Emittance-Exchange. Jimin Seok, ANL.
  • Nonlinear Optics from Off-Energy Closed Orbits. David Kristian Olsson, MAX IV Laboratory.
  • Experimental Phase-Space Tracking of a Single Electron in a Storage Ring. Alexander Leonidovich Romanov, FNAL.
  • Storage Ring Tracking using Generalized Gradient Representations of Full Magnetic Field Maps. Ryan Roger Lindberg, ANL.
  • Advances in Beam Dynamics for Nuclear Physics Accelerators. Amy Sy, JLAB

Main Classification 06 – Accelerator Systems: Beam Instrumentation and Controls

  • Machine Learning for Improved Accelerator Health and Reliability. Yigit Anil Yucesan, ORNL.
  • 6D Phase Space Diagnostics Based on Adaptive Tuning of the Latent Space of Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Neural Networks. Alexander Scheinker, LANL.
  • Machine Learning-Based Longitudinal Phase Space Prediction of Particle Accelerators. Claudio Emma, SLAC.

Main Classification 07 – Accelerator Technology

  • Next Generation Radiofrequency Accelerator Technology. Diana Gamzina, SLAC.
  • ARDAP’s Perspective on Accelerator Technology Research and Development in the US. Bruce Carlsten, DOE.
  • LCLS-II HE vCM Test Results: Newly Developed N-Doping Treatment and Plasma Processing. Bianca Giaccone, FNAL.
  • Development of Short-Period Nb3Sn Superconducting Planar Undulators at the Advanced Photon Source. Ibrahim Kesgin, ANL.
  • Solid State Active Reset Induction Technology to Accelerate kA Electron Beam. Jennifer Ellsworth, LLNL.
  • Overview of Superconducting Magnet Technologies. Soren Prestemon, LBNL.

Main Classification 08 – Applications Accelerators

  • Radiation Concerns and Mitigation Schemes for Accelerator Facility Components. Frederique Pellemoine, FNAL.
  • Current Status of Developing an Ultrafast Electron Microscope. Xi Yang, BNL.
  • Ultrafast Electron Diffraction at Cornell using Low Emittance Photocathodes. Jared Michael Maxson, Cornell.

Main Classification 09Computing and Data Science for Accelerator Systems

  • Coulomb Crystals in Storage Rings for Quantum Information Science. Kevin A. Brown, BNL.
  • Next Generation Computational Tools For The Modeling And Design Of Particle Accelerators At Exascale. Axel Huebl, LBNL

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