Plenary Speakers


  • Mitsuru Uesaka, Japan Atomic Energy Commission- Applications of Particle Accelerators.
  • Greg Hays, SLAC National Accelerator Facilities – Expanding the FEL Boundaries: FELs of Today and the Future.
  • Raffaella Geometrante, Kyma – Building a Global, Collaborative Accelerator Economy: Summary of the IPAC 2022 Industrial Session.
  • Olivier Chalus, Thales – PW-class Lasers for Accelerators – Overview and an Industry Perspective.


  • Richard G Van De Water, Los Alamos National Laboratory – Searches for Axions and Dark Matter.
  • Cathy Cutler, Brookhaven National Laboratory – Isotope Production – Present Perspectives and Thoughts looking Forward.
  • Jonny Pellish, NASA – Radiation Effects – Why we need Particle Accelerators.