• Project Management, Taught by Mathias Georgson Petren and Sandra Biedron.
  • Systems Engineering, Taught by Mathias Georgson Petren and Sandra Biedron.



The Importance of Data, High-Performance Computing, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning:

  • HPC Overview, D. Martin, (Argonne) – 30 minutes
  • Workflows, C. Sweeney (LANL) – 30 minutes
  • AI/ML, A. Edelen (SLAC) – 30 minutes
  • Community discussion/Audience questions – 30 minutes


Radiasoft Workshop – Magnets to ML to Light Sources: Designing from the Browser with Sirepo.

  • Jon Edelen
  • Ryan Roussel
  • Boaz Nash


  • Accelerator Science and Technology via Inventive Principles of TRIZ, A. Seryi (JLAB)
  • Accelerator Computation: Fast, Cheap, and Easy, J. Cary (Tech-X)


Accelerators for Quantum Technologies:

  • SRF-based Accelerator Technologies for Quantum, A. Romanenko – 35 minutes
  • Large Ion Traps for Quantum Information Systems, K. Brown – 35 minutes
  • Examples of AI/ML enabled by HPCs in design applied to a QIS, S. Sosa – 20 minutes
  • Panel discussion and audience questions – 20 minutes


Bayesian algorithms for practical accelerator control and adaptive machine learning for time varying systems.

  • R. Roussel (SLAC)
  • A. Scheinker (LANL)