1. Automated Algorithm Design, Configuration and Selection (AADCS)
  2. Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning (ADPRL)
  3. CI Applications in Smart Grid (CIASG)
  4. CI for Brain Computer Interfaces (CIBCI)
  5. CI in Biometrics and Identity Management (CIBIM)
  6. CI in Big Data (CIBD)
  7. CI in Control and Automation (CICA)
  8. CI in Healthcare and E-health (CICARE)
  9. CI in Cyber Security (CICS)
  10. CI in Data Mining (CIDM)
  11. CI in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments (CIDUE)
  12. CI and Ensemble Learning (CIEL)
  13. CI for Engineering Solutions (CIES)
  14. CI for Financial Engineering and Economics (CIFEr)
  15. CI for Human-like Intelligence (CIHLI)
  16. CI in IoT and Smart Cities (CIIoT)
  17. CI for Industrial Process (CIIP)
  18. CI for Multimedia Signal and Vision Processing (CIMSIVP)
  19. CI in Remote Sensing (CIRS)
  20. CI for Security and Defense Applications (CISDA)
  21. CI in Vehicles and Transportation Systems (CIVTS)
  22. Deep Learning (DL)
  23. Evolving and Autonomous Learning Systems (EALS)
  24. Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search and Applications (ENASA)
  25. Evolutionary Scheduling and Combinatorial Optimization (ESCO)
  26. Ethical, Social and Legal Implications of Artificial Intelligence (ETHAI)
  27. CI in Feature Analysis, Selection and Learning in Image and Pattern Recognition (FASLIP)
  28. Foundations of CI (FOCI)
  29. Evolvable Systems (ICES)
  30. Immune Computation (IComputation)
  31. Intelligent Agents (IA)
  32. Intelligent Biomedical Data Analysis (IBDA)
  33. Multi-agent System Coordination and Optimization (MASCO)
  34. Model-Based Evolutionary Algorithms (MBEA)
  35. Multicriteria Decision-Making (MCDM)
  36. Nature-Inspired Computation in Engineering (NICE)
  37. Robotic Intelligence in Informationally Structured Space (RiiSS)
  38. Cooperative Metaheuristics (SCM)
  39. Differential Evolution (SDE)
  40. Swarm Intelligence Symposium (SIS)

Special Sessions

  1. Computational Intelligence and Cognitive Science (CIMEX)
  2. AI for Aerial Robotics (AIAR)
  3. AI in Autonomous Vehicles (AIAV)
  4. Computational Intelligence for Fault Detection and Isolation (CIFDI)
  5. Computational Intelligence for Robotics (CIR)
  6. Computing Intelligence in Scheduling and Optimization of Complex Systems (CISO)
  7. Computational Intelligent for Data Stream Analysis (CIDSA)
  8. Computational Intelligence in Power and Energy Systems (CIPES)
  9. Extreme Learning Machines (ELM)
  10. Intelligent Control with State Constraint (ICSC)
  11. Interactive Reinforcement Learning (IARL)
  12. Machine Learning for Knowledge-Based Systems (MLKBS)
  13. Randomized Algorithms for Training Neural Networks (RANN)