• The Republic of Kenya is 580,367 sq km (224,081 sq mi) with a population of over 47 million people.
  • She gained independence in 1963, and is a presidential representative democratic republic, of elected officials representing the people.
  • The president is the head of state and government.
  • Kenya is a member of United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, COMESA, and other international organisations, like African Union, East African Community and the Commonwealth
  • Kenya is bordered by South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania and the Indian Ocean
  • Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi. The oldest city and second capital is Mombasa (at the Coast). Kisumu City is the third largest city (on the shores of Lake Victoria)
  • The major sectors are Tourism and Agriculture. Agriculture is the largest sector exporting mainly tea, coffee and fresh flowers
  • The average temperatures in Nairobi in August range between highs of 22oC and lows of 13oC.
  • Working hours are 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs. However, some shopping malls operate until late night. Participants who wish to shop may seek advice from their hotels on the nearest shopping facilities


Banking Services and Foreign Exchange

  • Nairobi is the financial capital of the East and Central Africa Region
  • International banks include Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and Bank of Africa
  • Banking hours are from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs on weekdays and from 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs on Saturdays
  • Most banks have Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) accepting various international debit and credit cards
  • Exchange (Forex) Bureaus are readily available within Nairobi Central Business District(CBD), malls, banks at a relative rate of 1 USD=KES 100


Telephone Services, Time Zone and Electricity Supply

  • Most telephone services are quite efficient Kenya. Some of the main mobile telephone service providers are: Safaricom, AirTel, Telkom
  • Mobile services providers also provide gateway to internet using 3G and 4G.
  • Mobile phone SIM cards are easily available at the cost of approximately USD 0.5
  • Please note that registration is required for activation. Fixed telephone services are also available at hotels and other facilities
  • Kenya is within the East Africa Standard Time Zone (GMT +3)
  • In Kenya the standard voltage is 240 V, However, electric appliances from countries whose standard voltage is between 220V-240V can be used. The power sockets are three-pin, square, type G.


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