Please find below the draft overall program that consists of the tutorials, plenary and panel sessions as well as technical paper and poster presentations.

Session times are in GMT(Universal Time)


  1. Tutorials, PhD Forum, and Industry Sessions will be available at time shown, and on demand throughout the conference starting 2 hours after conclusion of event.
  2. Everything else will be available only at the time shown, and on demand starting day after the conference.
  3. All Live sessions will be done via ZOOM
  4. Technical session Q&As will be held asynchronously (Chat/email, “Simulive”)

Daily Schedule

2020 PowerAfrica Program at a Glance – Day 1 – Tuesday, 25th August 2020

2020 IEEE PowerAfrica
25-28 August 2020
Virtual Conference
Break Plenary Technical Session Smart Village
General Tutorial Live event ZOOM Q&A (Simulive text chat)
GMT Start End Duration DAY 1: Tuesday 25 August 2020
Opening 06:00 06:28 0:28: Welcome Address – Introduction to PowerAfrica  –  Eng. Limo Eliud, Conference General Chair
Welcome Address –  Dr. Eng. Joseph Njoroge, MBS, Principal Secretary, State Department of Energy, Kenya
Welcome Address – Introducion to IEEE Power & Energy Society  –  Frank C. Lambert, PES President
Welcome Address- Introduction to Industry Applications Society  –  Georges Zissis, IAS President
Tutorials & PhD Forum 06:30 08:00 1:30: Tutorial #1:
Dr. Surya Raghu; Ken Stauffer; Mercy K. Kainobwisho; Samantha Snabes,
Sponsored by IEEE
Tutorial #2:
“Safety Through Proper System Ground and Ground Fault Protection”
Lecturer: John NELSON
Tutorial #3
“Fundamentals of Off-Grid
Electricity Access”
Lecturer: Dr. Henry LOUIE
PhD Forum Workshop
Moderators: Dr. Imed Ben Dhaou
and Dr. Irene Samy Fahim
Ken Stauffer, Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee
Prof. Ahmed Abdelgawad, Central Michigan University
Prof. Wei-Jen Lee, The University of Texas at Arlington,
Prof. Irene Samy Fahim, Nile University, Egypt:
Prof. Olfa Kanoun,  Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
08:00 08:30 0:30: IEEE Humanitarian Activities
Education Training session
Prof. Shaikh Fattah, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
08:30 09:00 0:30: Movie “Film on Safety Awareness”,
by IEEE IAS Hyderabad Chapter,
available for viewing in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.
09:00 09:30 00:30 Q&A sessions for tutorials 1, 2, and 3 in the afternoon. Q&A – PhD Forum Zoom Q&A Zoom
09:30 10:00 00:30 Break
Industry Sessions Industry Session #1: OMICRON
10:00 11:00 01:00 Case Study on Model Based Testing
Speaker : Fadi Zatari, Area Sales Manager, Omicron
Q&A for Industry session #1
Industry Session #2: OMICRON
11:00 12:00 01:00 Non-Intrusive Condition Assessment of High Voltage Circuit Breaker Contacts using DRM
Speaker : Aditya Taneja, Regional Applications Specialist, Omicron
Q&A for Industry session #2
Industry Session #3: OMICRON
12:00 13:00 01:00 Diagnostic and Fault Location on Onload Tap Changers – Case studies
Speaker : Sofiane Bakkay, Regional Application Specialist, Omicron
Q&A for Industry session #3
YP 13:00 14:30 01:30 Panel #1:  Young Professionals
“Youths providing hope to power the future of Africa”
Moderator:  Abdullateef Aliyu
Panelists:  John Hofman, Burns & McDonnell, Vancouver, WA, USA;  Sainab Taiwo Ninalowo, ComEd, Chicago, IL, USA; Sımay Akar, Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co., Ltd, Suzhou, China;  Samantha Niyoyita, AIF, Kigali, Rwanda;  Sally Musonye, Kenya Power, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tutorial Q & A  and African Executive Forum 14:30 15:00 00:30 Q&A of Tutorial #1
Dr. Surya Raghu & Mercy K. Kainobwisho

African Executive Forum – Live

Topic No. 1: Financing Transmission Projects in Africa
Panos Vlahakis, Senior Operations Officer, Upstream, IFC, Istanbul, Turkey

Topic No. 2: Energy Transition in Africa
Prof. Izael da Silva, Director Strathmore Energy Research Center and DVC – Research and Innovation, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya

15:00 15:30 00:30 Q&A – Tutorial #2:
“Safety Through Proper System Ground and Ground Fault Protection”
John Nelson
15:30 16:00 00:30   Q&A – Tutorial #3:
“Fundamentals of Off-Grid Electricity Access”
Dr Henry Louie

2020 PowerAfrica Program at a Glance – Day 2 – Wednesday, 26th August 2020

IEEE Power Africa 2020
25-28 August 2020
Virtual Conference
Break Plenary General Live event ZOOM (1) Smart Village sessions in Green are pre-recorded
Technical Session Smart Village (1) Tutorial Q&A (Simulive text chat) (2) Smart Village sessions live via ZOOM
GMT Start End Duration DAY 2: Wednesday 26 August 2020
PhD Forum 06:00 07:00 01:00 Postgraduate Forum Poster Session
[78] Pauline K.- Embedded power system monitoring of illegal connections in Kenyan domestic supply
[94] Bertie J. – An objective review of erection methods for overhead line towers devoid of Ccranes
[99] Denis J., et. al. – Progress in grid interconnection in East Africa: Challenges, Experiences and Opportunities
[262] Susan K et. al.- Under voltage load shedding using hybrid metaheuristic algorithms for voltage stability enhancement: A review
07:00 07:30 00:30 Q&A  Postgraduate Forum
07:30 08:00 00:30 Break
Plenary Plenary Session (1)
08:00 08:30 00:30 Keynote Speaker 1:  Eng. Martha Cheruto, Deputy CEO, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)  Topic:  Private Sector Role in Driving Demand for Power
08:30 09:00 00:30 Keynote Speaker 2:  Prof. Izael da Silva, Director Strathmore Energy Research Center & DVC – Research and Innovation, Strathmore University Topic: Universal Access to Electricity in Africa
09:00 09:30 00:30 Keynote Speaker 3:  Eng. Jared O. Othieno, CEO, Geothermal Development Company Topic: Delivering Menengai Phase 1 Geothermal Project through Public Private Partnership
09:30 10:15 00:45 Q&A for Speakers 1, 2, and 3
10:15 10:30 00:15 Break
Technical papers Track 1a: Smart Grid, Microgrid, Metering Design and Cyber Security, FACTS Track 2a: Renewable Energy Resources, Grid Integration Technologies, Electric Transportation Track 3a: Electrical Safety, Power System Protection & Standards Track 4a: Power Converter Topologies, Modulaton and Control Track 5a: Power System Planning, Energy Efficiency, Power Projects, Power Engineering Education Track 6a: Electric Machines, Drive Systems and Topologies Smart Village
Session 1
10:30 10:45 00:15 [34]-Rosalia S. et al-Design of Utility Harmonic Mitigation Filters for Power Transformers [3] Samuel Kibara et. al., Analysis of the  Levelized cost of Electricity (LCOE) of Solar PV Systems considering their Environmental impacts on Biodiversity [6]-Seboniso N. et al.-EARTH GRID DESIGN FOR 400KV NEIUWEHOOP SUBSTATION USING CDEGS PLATFORM [30]-Josiah M. -Analysis of Basics of Modulation Techniques on Sing-Phase AC Drive for Effeciency Improvements [4] Zacchaeus A. et. al.- An Investigation into the Utilisation of Energy Saving Lamps in Residential Buildings−A Case Study of Lagos Nigeria [9]-Ekom O.-Investigating the Dynamic Behaviour of a Six-Phase Induction Motor under Unbalanced Faults “10+ Years of Smart Village”
by Co-Founders Ray Larsen and Robin Podmore”What is ISVx?”
by John Nelson, Chair of Management Committee
10:45 11:00 00:15 [43]-Jane N. Affordable Rural Community Microgrids [11] Melakus Matewos et. al., Damping Higher Frequency Resonance of Grid Connected DFIG System [13]-Gerhard S. et al.-Differential Protection of Distributed Generation Interfaced Network [117]-Peter G. -LQR Technique for Optimal Load Frequency Controller Design of Interconnected Linear Power Systems with Quadratic Performance Index. [17]-Sun W. et. al.-Analysis of Electrical Characteristics And Performance of Poly-Crystalline Solar PV Module By I-V Tester Under Temperature And Solar Irradiance Variation in Spring Season [25]-Given S.M.-Broken Rotor Bar Fault Simulation and Analysis in D-q Reference Frame
11:00 11:15 00:15 [54]-Kihembo S.M. et al-A Novel Energy Management Technique for Shared Solar and Storage Resources in Remote Communities [14] Amer Syed et. al.,  A Systems Based Modelling Tool for the Selection of Wave Energy Device to Power Remote Islands [50]-Nathan M. et al-The Basics of Transmission Line Protection [118]-Dickson C. -Analytical model for the prediction of the Magnetic Field Distribution due to a finite length Permanent Magnet array for a Radially Magnetized Linear Oscillatory Machine [18] Wang Y. et. al.- Renewable energy access in Rwanda: Electricity Price Forecasting [105]-Mengesha M.- Half-wave Rectified Synchronous Motor Using Inverter Carrier- Frequency Current for Excitation Update 1  Africa Development Promise – Rwanda
11:15 11:30 00:15 [55]-Fabien M. et al-Smart power generation and usage using Off-grid hydropower plants in plants in Rwanda [15] Ashraf A. A. et. al.,  Algorithm to Pinpoint the Maximum Power Points on the Power-Voltage Curve of PV Arrays under Different Conditions [80]-Wyclife O.A. et al-Non-Technical Power Loss Reduction and Transients Stability: Optimal Placement of Reclosers [131]-Francis M.- Virtual-Flux based Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement [28] Julius K. et. al.-An Adaptive Hybrid Meta-heuristic Approach for Transmission Constrained Multi-objective GEP [112]-Adisu T.-Analysis of common-mode EMI in PM synchronous machines with fractional-slot concentrated winding Update 2  Beyond Chacay Foundation – Galapagos
11:30 11:45 00:15 [71]-Stefano G. et al-Engineering of Power Flow Control across the Zambia – Zimbabwe Interconnector with Phase-Shifting Transformers [16] Sun Wanquan et. al.,  Modelling a 30kw Standalone Solar Powered Irrigation System [89]-Andris S. et al-Protection Challenges in a Stand-alone Microgrid: Case Study of Tsumkwe Microgrid [178]-Benson O.-Fast Frequency Control in Multi-Terminal DC Networks [29] Anh T. et. al. -The Novel Design of Feed-water Control System for Thermal Power Plant Using Super-critical Start-up Motor-Boiler Feed-water Pump [136]-Mbika M.- Performance Evaluation of a Five-Phase Fractional-Slot Distributed Winding Assisted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Traction Applications Update 3  Waste Energy Technologies – Malawi
11:45 12:00 00:15 [84]-Nelson B. et al-New approach for design shunt active power filter for power quality improvement in a three phase three wire system [19] Richard Oladayo et. al.,  Performance analysis of a proposed 75MW grid connected solar PV in Kankia, Nigeria [90]-Julius N. et al-Appropriate Surge Arrester Lead Lengths for Improved Distribution Transformer Protection  – Kenyan Case Study [182]-Akshay P.- Stability Analysis of DC-DC Boost Converter using Sliding Mode Controller [33] Shekinah K. et. al.-Design and Monitoring of a Voltage battery sensor of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)  by means of an Arduino Technology [204]-Mohab G. – Studying the Effect of Using Multi-Phases Switched Reluctance Motor to Reduce the Torque Ripple for Ship Propulsion system. Update 4  Darway Coast Nigeria Limited – Nigeria
12:00 12:15 00:15 [88]-Anuoluwapo A. et al-Impact Assessment and Mitigation of Cyber Attacks on Frequency Stability of Isolated Microgrid Using Virtual Inertia Control [20] Ibrahim Haruna et. al., Smart Traffic Roads Junction Energy Exploration for Electrical Energy Generation [200]-Wenhao X.- Comparison Study of Control Methods for Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters [46] Godwin A. et. al.-Gender mediated optimal multivariate electricity load management model [276]-Thembi M.-Fault diagnosis of power transformers using Duval triangle Update 5  Global Himalayan Expedition – India
12:15 12:30 00:15 Q&A (Simulive text chat) Q&A (Simulive text chat) Q&A (Simulive text chat) Q&A (Simulive text chat) Q&A (Simulive text chat) Q&A (Simulive text chat) Update 6  Green Village Electric – Nigeria
12:30 12:45 00:15 Live Q&A Session for Entrepreneurs 1-6
(Simulive text chat)
12:45 13:00 00:15 Break
Panel WIP 13:00 14:00 01:00 Panel #2: Women in Power, Part 1    Topic: “Women in Power as Drivers of Social and Economic Transformation”
Moderator: Mercy Chelangat Koech
Speakers: Dr. Ruomei Li (Chair of PES WiP), Simay Akar (PES WiP), Dr. Xiaoqian Li, Prof. Saifur Rahman, Prof. Noel Schulz
14:00 14:20 00:20 Panel #2: Women in Power, Part 2    Topic: “Women in Power Breaking the Glass Ceiling”
Moderator: Dr. Omowunmi Mary Longe
Speakers: Mercy Chelangat Koech, Yasmine Chelly, Engr. Maimunah Ogunniyi, Dr. Omowunmi Mary Longe, Dr. Sandrine Mubenga
14:20 15:00 00:40 Panel Discussion (live)  –  WiP for Parts 1 and 2
15:00 15:15 00:15 Break
Plenary Session Plenary Session (2)
15:15 15:45 00:30 Keynote Speaker 4:  Prof. Wei-Jen Lee, University of Texas at Arlington Topic: Arc Flash Hazard and Electrical Safety, The New Revision of IEEE Std 1584
15:45 16:15 00:30 Keynote Speakers 5: Kartik Kulkarni, Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Chair and John Oyewole Funso-Adebayo, Chair, IEEE Region8 Humanitarian Activities
Topic:  Updates from the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC)
16:15 16:45 00:30 Q&A for Speakers 4 and 5
16:45 17:00 00:15 Break
ISV 17:00 18:00 01:00 ISV Delegate Networking
Open “Happy Hour” Discussion
Moderator: Mike Wilson

2020 PowerAfrica Program at a Glance – Day 3 – Thursday, 27th August 2020

2020 PowerAfrica Program at a Glance – Day 4 – Friday, 28th August 2020