Date: Tuesday 25th August, 2020

Panel 1 - YP - Abdullateef Aliyu

IEEE Region 8 Young Professional Subcommittee

Substation & Distribution Engineer,
Transmission & Distribution Services,
Burns & McDonnell, Vancouver, WA, USA

Capacity Planning group
ComEd, Chicago, IL, USA

Chief Commercial Officer,
Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies Co., Ltd, Suzhou, China

Process Engineer,
AIF, Kigali, Rwanda

Electrical Engineer,
Kenya Power, Kenya.

Panel 2: Part 1: Women in Power as Drivers of Social and Economic Transformation

Wednesday 26th August, 2020

Panel: 1300-1400 GMT

Women face different day-to-day challenges in their lives. Facing these hurdles alone can demotivate women into thinking they are incapable. However, with the PES Women in Power initiative, we aim to change this narrative. We understand that wholesome perspectives need to be integrated to ensure proper empowerment channels. PES Women in Power provides professional development for those looking to advance into leadership roles or who need help navigating their careers. These will be discussed and highlighted during the live session.


PES Women in Power (WiP)

Share an overview of the new goals of WiP. Highlight initiatives such as the scholarships for African students and more benefits of WiP. Link this to how WiP is driving transformation through mainstreaming gender in the education sector.

Deputy Secretary,

“Knowledge is a most important possession that increases when shared.” Share the collective effort being taken by the WiP to promote more women in leadership in the workspace. Highlight some of the emulable success stories.

Vice Chair,
PES Women in Power (WiP)

Share the WiP vision. Invites more women to celebrate and highlight successful WiP. How is WiP being used as a tool to drive more mentorship opportunities? How is this rising awareness helping more women to discover their talents? Read More

Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech, USA

Highlights how the Power Energy Society is promoting the Women in Power initiative and its aims to provide women an avenue to fully participate in professional and academic development. Highlight how PES WiP ensures women have a voice in all the major committees including project implementation teams, innovation seminars and workshops and such other relevant forums. Read more

Chair in Power Apparatus and Systems,
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Washington State University

Noel has been active in the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) serving on the PES Governing Boards for 12 years from 2004-2015, including as PES President for 2012 and 2013.  One of her priorities as PES President was having Women in Engineering activities across the world.  In 2014 she received the IEEE HP Harriet B. Rigas Award based on her efforts to encourage women students and faculty in engineering careers. Read More

Panel 2: Part 2: Women in Power Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Dr. Omowunmi Mary Longe

Wednesday 26th August, 2020

Panel: 1400-1430 GMT

There exists a lot of stereotypes confronting the participation, and leadership of women in engineering disciplines, especially in the power and energy sector. However, some women have found the skills, expertise and wisdom to break through the glass ceilings that exist in the engineering classrooms, industry, and academia. Therefore, they can stand to show young career seekers, early and middle career women the way to the top in engineering. We shall be learning from the experiences of some of such women in this session, thereby, motivating other women in engineering to be the best that they can be, glass-ceilings of stereotypes notwithstanding.


Assistant Professor,
Engineering Technology Department,
University of Toledo (UT), Ohio, USA 

Sandrine was just recently appointed in three different roles within IEEE: she is now serving as the IEEE Power and Energy Society(PES) Women in Power (WiP) representative for Central Africa, IEEE Smart Village Director of Business Development-DRC, and Chair of the IEEE PES Congo Scholarship Plus.More

Senior Lecturer,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science,
Uni. of Johannesburg, SA.

She is a member of notable professional organisations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE), IEEE–PES, IEEE–WiE, IEEE-WiP, Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), etc.More

IEEE Smart Village Ambassador,
PES Women in Power Representative
Region 8

Mercy has been an ardent volunteer at the IEEE Kenya Section and the Power Energy Society (PES) Kenya Chapter. She works in partnership with the IEEE Foundation to craft business and fund development strategies for IEEE Smart Village energy entrepreneurs. This is with a focus on productive uses of energy. More

Assistant Manager,
System Planning and Development Department,
Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

Maimunah is an active member of the IEEE Nigeria Section and the PES Nigeria Chapter, Maimunah has demonstrated good commitment to the cause of WiE at different fora in Nigeria. Leadership strength and teamwork spirit are some of the assets in her that will be beneficial in her function as WiP Chair (Nigeria). More

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Engineering,
National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS).

She is an active IEEE PES Member and IEEE PES Women in Power Representative of Region 8 ((Africa, Middle East and Europe) since 2018 and organized efficient and productive events for women in power and energy. Ms. Chelly has participated and won numerous international competitions like the Power and Energy Week competition (1st prize out of 20 teams). More


Panel 4 - Electrical Safety and Standards - John Nelson

Thursday 27th August, 2020

Panel: 1330-1500 GMT


The panel will cover issues at the intersection of electrical safety and standards. The panelists, with diverse experience spanning three continents, will address a number of questions, such as:

1. How do electrical safety and standards relate to one another?
2. What are the electrical safety issues in East Africa, West Africa?
3. How do these issues compare with those in other developing countries, like India?
4. What are the electrical safety issues with micro-grids?
5. Why are standards important for new micro-grids, and for that matter in general?
6. Where are we in Africa in terms of standards?


IEEE Smart Village,
Next Generation

John Nelson held positions with Public Service Company of Colorado, from 1969-1979, Power Line Models, from 1979-1984 and NEI Electric Power Engineering from 1984-2014, prior to his retirement in December 2014.Read more

Owner and Principal Consulting Engineer,
DCM Electrical Consulting Services, Missouri, Texas

Daleep’s company provides consulting services in National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E training, preparation and audit of electrical safety programs and facilities, and forensic investigations.Read more

Owner and Principal Technical Consultant,
DRC Consulting Inc.

Daryld performs consulting work for electrical safe work practice standards, assessments/audits, electrical safe work practice training and electrical engineering projects. Read more

Co-owner and Principal Consulting Engineer,
ASEP Electrical Consulting Services, Angola

Geisel’s company provides consulting services in power system network and industrial systems, preparation and audit of electrical safety programs and facilities, and power reliability improvement. Read more