The IEEE UFFC International Ultrasonics Symposium is offering a new way to interact with industry leaders at the up-coming meeting in Glasgow Scotland.

We are delighted to announce three illustrous speakers have been confirmed for the IEEE IUS 2019 Industry Sessions.

Between 13:00 and 13:20, during each lunch break on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, an industry leader will present a short talk in Hall 1 of the SEC to describe the challenges and scientific frontiers in their field.

A new topic will be covered each day. Sensor technology used for fingerprinting, industrial applications for MEMs ultrasound technology and ultrasound based diagnostic and therapeutic equipment will be featured.

Dr John Schneider

Dr. Schneider graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1990 with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering where he pioneered the use of high frequency ultrasound as a superior method for live scan fingerprint identification.  He received over 200 patents in this field and has authored several papers and text books related to biometrics and fingerprint identification.   In August, 2012, Dr. Schneider’s sensor technology received FBI certification, with this new sensor having the distinction of being the first and only non-optical 4-finger fingerprint sensor technology to receive such certification in the history of the industry.  In 2013, he was elevated to Biometric Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for his pioneering and leadership work in the field of ultrasonic imaging.    In 2014 he was recognized as a Distinguished Alumni for the University of Buffalo, and awarded the Small Business Innovative Research Hall of Fame award for lifetime achievement which he received at the White House. In 1989, he founded Ultra-Scan Corporation and for the next 24 years, served as its President and Chief Technology Officer deploying biometric solutions into a variety of applications ranging from health care, physical and logical security, financial services and border crossing applications.  Ultra-Scan was acquired by Qualcomm in February of 2013.   View Abstract: Halt, who goes there? Biometrics, ultrasound and the evolution of personal identification over the past millennium    

Dr Corina Nistorica

Dr. Corina Nistorica is the Director of Advanced MEMS Research at FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. and her focus is MEMS Ultrasound Transducers. Previously she has developed solutions for MEMS based storage technology on ferroelectric media as part of the Probe Storage Project at Seagate Technology. She has also worked on thermal MEMS actuators and studied tribology and hard coatings for MEMS devices at Zyvex Corporation. She has worked on MEMS gyroscopes based on piezoelectric film and on advanced electrical testing and physical characterization of MEMS devices.

View Asbstract: MEMS Ultrasound Technology: History, Emerging trends and Applications

Dr Jian Yuan

Received Ph.D in Physics, Jian served at Philips Medical and Boston Scientific as a R&D Fellow. Jian was the main founder of Shanghai APEX Electronics Corp, which was acquired by Philips Healthcare.

After served as GM at Philips Healthcare Shanghai for a few years, Jian was one of the founders of Acoustic Life Science Co., Ltd. (ALS). ALS is a Chinese company committed to the research, development and manufacturing of medical ultrasound products. ALS primary business is focused on ultrasonic probes, as well as other ultrasound based diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

View Abstract: Considerations of design and manufacture of single crystal ultrasound transducers, a perspective from industry