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Important information concerning Proceedings Papers:

  1. All authors are expected to submit a conference proceedings paper to the IEEE IUS through PaperPlaza.
  2. Deadline 20th September 2019 Pacific Time midnight. This is a fixed deadline, no extension is possible.
  3. The proceedings is the official citable document that will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore, and submitted to Web of Science and Scopus databases. The proceedings is the official evidence of your contribution to IUS 2019. Submission abstract are not uploaded to IEEE Xplore.
  4. All submitted articles will undergo plagiarism and pre-screen checks in accordance with IEEE policy.
  5. Minimum expected proceedings length is 2 pages excluding references. Overlength charges apply to articles beyond 4 pages in length (10 pages for Invited authors).
  6. Overlength page charges $125/page.
  7. Please use the specially adapted IEEE template link here. Please use the file with extension .docx. If this does not work due to compatibility reasons, please try the .doc version link here.
    • a. For consistency the templates are set to US letter, please do not change.
    • b. Please do not change the margins.
    • c. Do not insert headers or footers.
    • d. Please use the recommended fonts defined in the template.
    • e. LaTeX and Overleaf templates are available on the IEEE author centre, if used, please ensure no headers or footers are present.
    • f. Failure to comply with the above will result in submission errors and potentially mean your manuscript is excluded from IEEE Xplore upload.

Proceedings Paper Submission Process:

  1. You must follow the following Steps for final paper upload. These steps need to be followed by the designated corresponding author of the paper
  2. Go to use your PIN and password to login via any of the login links to access all activities that you may carryout via this site.
  3. Click on “Enter” link next to Author or proposer of submission … to access final submission page for all papers for which you are the designated corresponding author.
  4. For each paper click on the link to Submit the final version and
    • a. Complete the copyright transfer.
    • b. Final submissions information (title, author list), total number of pages in the manuscript.
    • c. After completing final submission information for all papers click on the link for “conference registration site”. Please note that you are NOT registering for the conference, rather associating all papers to the corresponding papers account, you will ONLY BE PAYING for any excess page charges. If there are no excess page charges, you will not be charged any fee, but you must continue till the end, else you will not be able to upload your paper.
    • d. Follow the instruction on registration pages. Note that all papers with you as corresponding author will appear as you progress through steps, next to each paper will be a check box that is already checked. You must LEAVE ALL CHECK BOXES CHECKED as they are.
      This step is essential whether or not you have excess pages in your manuscripts.
  1. Once you have completed Step 4.d., return to the paper submission window, refresh the page and you will see the link to upload you manuscript.
  2. Your uploaded manuscript will be checked for the number of pages as well as IEEE PDF compliance, if it does not meet the requirements, the file will be blocked. If you are not able to convert the file to a compliant PDF, use the conference template to create a MS-Word or TeX file (name the main file root and zip together with cls and bbl file) and upload it in place of PDF files and it will be converted to a compliant PDF file that you will be able to upload.


If there is any error or necessary change to your contact data, please update the data at the following site:

For additional details on your session time and type, please log into   using your author PIN.

For any correspondence regarding this paper, be sure to refer to your paper ID and your PIN.