Sayani Sarkar

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Engineering at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette and my research work focuses on intelligent drone development and real-time drone assisted monitoring which involves work on image processing, machine learning and cloud computing. Image processing is a key part of my work because successful development of the intelligent drone and it’s decision making characteristics while monitoring is completely dependent on accurate analysis of initially captured images and the data obtained from thereon which are being used to develop the independent decision making behavior.
In my work, I am developing a system with Matric 100 and an onboard raspberry pi processor. Images collected by the Matric 100 are processed by the onboard computer to generate a real-time decision (using Python and MATLAB) on parking lot occupancy and parked vehicle authorization.
Before starting my PhD research, I have completed M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Louisiana State University where I have worked on multimedia (audio, image, data, and music) archiving on multiple quick response codes using MATLAB. My research aimed at converting multimedia into ASCII format and storing them in multiple QR codes thereby providing a robust, flexible and promising means of both soft and hard copy storage.
Also, I have a Master of Technology (M. Tech) degree in Communication Engineering from India. In my M. Tech, I worked on array antenna synthesis optimization and side lobe level reduction, as it caused undesired radiation.
My undergraduate degree is in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and I also have about 4.5 years’ experience as a lecturer of a reputed engineering institution in India, where I taught both at the undergraduate and graduate level.