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Acronym Name of Organization, Entity, University, Chamber, Association, etc.
 AADECA Argentine Association of Automatic Control
 ADACSI Association of Information Systems Audit and Control
 ADEERA Association of Electric Energy Distributors of the Argentine Republic
 AFCEA Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association – Argentina Chapter
 CAdESoL Free Software Enterprises Chamber of Argentina
 CICOMRA Computing and Communications Chamber of the Argentine Republic
 CIEC College of Specialist Engineers of Córdoba
 CIENCIA  HOY “Science Today” Civil Association
 CONFEDI Federal Council of Deans of Engineering
 COPITEC Professional Council of Telecommunications Engineering
 FF Favaloro Foundation
 ORT ORT Argentina
 SABI Argentine Society of Bioengineering
 SADIO Argentine Society of Informatics and Operations Research
SANE Sociedad Argentina de Neuromodulación
 UAI Inter-american Open University
 UADER Entre Ríos Autonomous University
 UB Belgrano University
 UCAECE CAECE University
 UCA Argentine Catholic University
 UNNOBA National University of the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires
 UNS National University of the South
 UNSJ  Universidad Nacional de San Juan
 UNSL National University of San Juan
 UP (FI) University of Palermo, Faculty of Engineering
 UTN FRBA National Technological University Buenos Aires Regional Faculty
 UTN FRM National Technological University Mendoza Regional Faculty
 UTN FRRE  Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Resistencia. Co-patrocinador del Congreso.
 UTN FRT National Technological University Tucuman Regional Faculty