We hope that the ARGENCON 2022, in virtual mode, be a Congress free from bullying of any kind, sex, identity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnics, religion (or lack of it), ideology or technological options. We do not tolerate the bullying of any participants of the conference in any way. The sexual language and the images are not appropriate for any place of the conference, including lecturers, workshops, parties, social nets or other on line means. Participants of the conference who violate these rules can be punished or expulsed from the conference, without having the right of reimbursement in case of authors, with the only discretion of the conference organizers


Bullying includes verbal offensive commentaries related to gender, identity and expression of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnics origin, religion, ideology, election of technology, sexual images in public spaces, deliberated intimidation, bullying,  persecution, photographic harassment or recording, sustained  interruption of chats and/or events, inappropriate physical contact and undesired sexual attention.

We expect that those participants whom it is required to stop any such behavior of bullying, comply immediately.

If a participant is involved in a bullying behavior, Congress organizers can take the measures that they considered appropriate, from a written warn, if telematics means are used, up to the expulsion from the Congress sessions, without any reimbursing.

If you suffer from harassment, or you observe that anyone else is being harassed or has comments respect it, contact immediately with Congress staff. Congress staff can be identified in chat means through the user name.

Congress´ staff will help those who are suffering from bullying to feel secure during the conference. We value your attendance to the ARGENCON 2022.

We hope that participants follow these rules during the ARGENCON 2022 and in all related virtual events.