Committee of Publication Proceedings

The Committee of Publication of Congress Proceedings deals with the last stage of the accepted papers to be presented in the conference, and selected for their publication in the Congress proceedings. It is in charge of enforcing the format and technical requirements of each paper, verifying the percentage of plagiarism so as to detect author´s violation to the ethics, and preparing the pack of proceeding for the conference, content of papers in due order, their covers, tables of content, indexes and any other information that should be published respect the ARGENCON 2022.

In the final stage of the papers´ life cycle, the committee will be able to contact directly the author to coordinate visual changes, technical corrections of printing and visualizing, etc. as well as being in contact with the Scientific Committee to solve problems such as papers that present unacceptable percentages of plagiarism after the automatic process of screening.

For the 2022 edition, the Committee of Publications is comprised by the following researchers:

Position or Role Name
  Chair   Ph.D. Engineer Leonardo Ontiveros
  Vice Chair   Ph.D. Engineer Jhon Morales