These are the general rules about the registration for IEEE ARGENCON 2022:

All have to pay registration fees?

Yes, both authors and attendees must pay the registration fee, according to the category in which they belong, as detailed in the table below.

Which type of payment registers are accepted for the Congress?

The IEEE ARGENCON 2022 accepts two main types of payment registers, those compulsory for authors and congress attendees, i.e. for those who send papers to the congress:

  • Professional: It includes graduated professionals, teaching staff and researchers
  • Student: It includes students of any of the following levels: second level, third level (grade) and fourth level (post-grade).

Each of them has a discount for being member of the IEEE, or of any organizations with agreements in force with the Argentine Section of the IEEE. At the same time it is offered an Early Registration, which is valid up to the 7th  day of August of 2022 (please, see the table of prices in the following paragraphs.)

Who should pay the registration costs?

All those attending (face-to-face and virtual) the Congress, as well as at least one of the authors for each submitted and accepted paper, respecting the policy of papers included in the registration, according the following list of prices:

Attendant type Early registration
From the 04/07/2022 to the 07/08/202212/08/2022
Regular registration
From the 08/08/202213/08/2022 to the 09/09/2022
Professional, IEEE Non-Member USD 115 USD 125
Professional, IEEE Member USD 90 USD 100
Student, IEEE Non-Member  USD 80 USD 85
Student, IEEE Member USD 60 USD 65
IEEE Life Member, Life Senior, Life USD 60 USD 65



  • The registration cost includes attending the congress, attendance certificate and fellowship dinner.
  • The cost for additional guests to the fellowship dinner is of USD 50.
  • Additional paper presented by the same author (maximum two additional papers per registration): USD 25.
  • For payments in Argentina, it is considered the selling official exchange rate of Banco de la Nación Argentina, at the time of payment.
  • Students must present an official certificate of their student condition at the time of their registration.
  • The IEEE membership number should be provided at the time of the registration.


VERY IMPORTANT: If a paper needs to be processed for its publication in the IEEE Xplore, the camera-ready version should be accompanied by the registration fee of at least one of its authors. None accepted paper will be included in the proceedings of the Conference, or in the virtual presentations, without the corresponding registration payment.


Which is the policy of papers included in the registration payment of an author?

Papers: The payment of a registration includes the publication or presentation of 1 (one) paper in the proceedings of the conference, which will be available in the IEEE Xplore. Additional accepted papers will have a charge of USD 25 per paper (maximum three papers for author).


Registration for Argentines go to:

Foreign registration: due to banking restrictions for the payment of registration from outside Argentina, a pre-registration will be carried out to reserve a place and price for you, paying your final registration in person at the same place of the congress. Go to
If you have already registered and need an bill, complete the following form: