A 1-page PDF document must be uploaded to the EasyChair platform, which must contain:

  • Title of the work,
  • Name of the authors, institutions to which the authors belong and email,
  • Keywords,
  • Abstract of the work (200 words),
  • Youtube Link of the video. The video must be posted with the privacy setting set to hidden.

The same format guidelines established by IEEE ARGENCON 2022 for an article must be followed. That is, you should conceive this document as a single page paper. Download the document template in Microsoft Word or LATEX format. Remember to delete all sections of the document that are not necessary.

Note: For more information on how to use the EasyChair platform, go to Instructions for submitting papers.


Video submissions must be limited to 2-3 minutes in length and meet the specifications outlined below. Your video should also include a cover slide, at the beginning, detailing the title, authors, and affiliations.

When preparing the video, make it as professional as possible. Producing a video already requires a significant amount of effort, and putting in a little more effort to improve quality can make a world of difference. Submitted videos must follow the following guidelines:

  • Length: 2 to 3 minutes
  • HD standard video format
  • It is mandatory to send the video through its Youtube link (URL)
  • Titles and credits should not be displayed for more than 10 seconds, ¡the content is the most important!
  • Please follow Youtube recommended encoding settings (for frame rate per second and bit rate):
  • Encode your video using square pixels for their aspect ratio, and disable interlacing
  • We strongly recommend an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a resolution of at least 720p (1280×720). Frame rates per second and resolutions that are higher than those mentioned will be acceptable, if they are within YouTube’s recommendations
  • The authors must be the copyright holders of all materials used in their video, for example, music, video, sound and images. Failing that, they must have in their possession the explicit permissions of the holders of the original copyright, in order to use and distribute said material.
  • The video must not be offensive, nor advertise or promote commercial products