The IEEE ARGENCON is a Biennial Premium Conference of the Section of IEEE Argentina. Its 2022 edition will be celebrated in virtual/face-to-face way, co-sponsored by the Instituto “Electric Power of the Universidad Nacional de San Juan / CONICET”, and it will take place from the 7th to the 9th of September of 2022.

The IEEE ARGENCON 2022 will consist of two days of pre-congress activities and three days of oral presentations, plenary conferences, panels of discussion and sessions of posters. Thus, we invite you to send papers over the field of interest of each theme of the program. In the following table, make click over the theme of the desired program, to see the field of interest (non-excluding list):

Themes of the  Program
 Aeronautics and Space
  Automation, Control and Robotics
 Circuits and Systems, Electronic Devices and Microelectronics
 Computing Systems and High-performance Computing
 Computational Intelligence
 Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense
 Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering
 Electromagnetic Compatibility, Antennas and Propagation
 Ethics in Engineering
 Geosciences and Remote Sensing
 Industrial Applications and Power Electronics
 Instrumentation and Measurements
 Oceanic Engineering
 Photonics and Optical Systems
 Power and Energy
 Signals Processing
 Software Engineering and Software Quality
 Video Games and Gamification



The IEEE ARGENCON 2022 adopts a unique review cycle, the deadline for the presentation of papers is the 31th of May of 2022.

Submissions are managed through the EasyChair platform which will be available from the 14th of March 2022. To use it you should register as user of such platform, only once.

Acceptance/refusal notification of papers will be sent the 4th of July of 2022, and the final version of accepted Works should be sent the 7th of August of 2022.

Papers can be submitted in Spanish or English.


Papers can have up to 8 pages (including references and acknowledgments), and they will be identified as papers when the document is sent to the EasyChair platform. Any paper exceeding such length will be refused immediately. Authors will have the option of sending in a separate file additional details of its work or data which support their experimental findings, but only the reviewers will decide if they want to consult the additional material. When dealing with algorithms and to foster their reproducibility, we suggest authors to send annexed documents where it is included the font code of such algorithms. The reproducibility of results and the easy availability of the code will be taken into account in the evaluation process.

All paper submissions should be done through the EasyChair platform. Papers send by e-mail or any other electronic means won´t be accepted. Since the evaluation is a double-blind process, neither visible data of authors or filiation will be allowed at this instance.

To carry out the paper, you should unload a Template for Acts for the IEEE Conferences available for Microsoft Word or LATEX.  Links for unloads are below, in this same page, in the paragraph titled Style Instructions.

The Authors List will be taken as confirmed in the deadline of the presentation and no changes will be accepted in the authorship of the accepted papers. The following papers´ structure is suggested and it will be positively valued the use of the following sections:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords, Index terms
    1. Introduction
    2. Materials and methods, state-of-the-art or previous works
    3. Proposal
    4. Test and results
    5. Conclusions
  • References

As submissions must be anonymous, filiation data and acknowledgements will be placed in the final version of the paper (have into account the space so that the later insertion do not exceed the maximum allowed pages).

If the paper is written in Spanish, the following data must be provided in English: Title, Abstract and Keywords, in specific fields for those effects, in the web form of papers submission.

A.1 Review criteria of papers

Accepted papers should include novel and significant results. Results may be theoretical or empirical. Results will be judged in relation with the level of potential scientific and technological impact. Papers will be reviewed with the double-blind system and they will be evaluated in the following aspects:

  • Conference Relevance,
  • Contribution to the academic debate,
  • Paper Structure,
  • Clear writing,
  • Methodology used,
  • Pertinence and clarity of figures and tables,
  • Clear and short abstract,
  • Use and number of keywords,
  • Clarity of results, discussions and conclusions,
  • Pertinence of used references.

A.2 Publishing conditions for papers

Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the IEEE ARGENCON 2022 provided the effective presentation of the paper is carried out in the corresponding oral session (previous the authors registration). None oral presentations will be accepted from other researchers than the authors. If the paper is not presented, even when the registration was formalized through its payment, it would imply that the paper won´t be published in the Proceedings of the IEEE ARGENCON 2022.

Papers which have been accepted and presented in the Congress will be available in the proceedings of the VI Biennial Congress of the IEEE Argentine Section, in the IEEE XPlore.

Elektron journal, edited and sponsored by the University of Buenos Aires, invite papers authors which have been accepted and presented at the IEEE ARGENCON 2022 to send extended versions of such papers, which will be considered for their publication in the journal.  Interested authors should contact directly with the journal to the following mail:


It is not appropriate to present identical papers (or substantially similar ones) to versions previously published, or accepted for its publication, or which have been presented in parallel to other conferences. Organizers have the right of refusing such submissions or eliminating them from the proceedings. It will be necessary to comply with the ethics norms detailed in the following page.


Papers should be written following the IEEE format for Proceedings of Conferences. In the following table, unload the template that you prefer, giving a click over the link of unload.

Template Link to unload
Template A4 for Microsoft Word recent versions, updated in May of 2018. (.DOCX)
Template A4 compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 (.DOCX)
Template A4 compatible with old versions of Microsoft Word 97 to 2003 (.DOC)
Template LATEX for   IEEE conference proceedings, updated in October of 2019 (.ZIP)
Instructions to use template LATEX for IEEE conference proceedings (.PDF)
Instructions to use the IEEETran BIBTEX style (Bibliography for LATEX) associated files. (.ZIP)


The paper should have the format of the unload template, and it should be sent as a PDF file. Papers written with other format or other type of file will not be accepted.

During the Call for Papers period, for each paper to be sent, the authors should comply with the instructions of the unload template, and those of the web page, but they do not have to use the PDF xPress of the conference. This system will be used only for papers accepted and selected to be published in their final version or camera-ready. For further information as regards the use of this PDF tool, you can contact the page IEEE PDF xPress for the ARGENCON 2022.


To see the complete information of the Scientific Committee (and of the Organizer Committee), please log in on the web site of Committees of the IEEE ARGENCON 2022.