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Dr. Esteban Anoardo

Dr. Esteban Anoardo
Dr. Esteban Anoardo
Graduated in Physics and Ph.D. in Physics from FaMAF – UNC. In 1999 he joined the Italian company Stelar srl as R&D Coordinator within the framework of a European project for the development of nuclear magnetic resonance instrumentation. Between part of 2000 and 2001 he did a postdoctoral degree at the University of Ulm – Germany with a scholarship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Since 2002 he is a Professor of Physics at FaMAF, currently a Full Professor. He is Principal Investigator of CONICET, currently Director of the Enrique Gaviola Institute of Physics. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of the Instrumentation & amp; Measurement Society, and Head of the Relaxometry and Special Techniques Laboratory (FaMAF-IFEG) and the Trovintek Advanced Magnetic Systems project. His interests focus on nuclear magnetic resonance instrumentation and applications, and the development of magnetic technology.
Msc. Ing. Nancy Brambilla

Msc. Ing. Nancy Brambilla
Msc. Ing. Nancy Brambilla
Electrical-Electronic Engineer and Master in Engineering Sciences with a Mention in Administration from the Faculty of Exact Physical and Natural Sciences (FCEFyN) of the National University of Córdoba (UNC).

Full Professor at the National Technological University (UTN), Córdoba Regional Faculty (FRC) Department of Basic Sciences. Tenured Professor of Network and Control Theory, Department of Electronic Engineering of the FCEFyN, UNC. She has held various university teaching positions continuously since 1990.

Academic Director of the Master’s Degree and Specialization in Quality Engineering at UTN-FRC. Postgraduate Teacher in Measurement Quality, Reliability and Integration Seminar, Integrating Final Projects.

Director of the Center for Research and Transfer in Metrology CEMETRO, UTN-FRC, with lines of research based on requirements and self-generated calibration and measurement services to companies. Director of the CEMETRO Laboratory, integrated into the network of National Laboratories of the Argentine Calibration Service of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (SAC-INTI) since 2011 with continuity, having achieved the accreditation of the Argentine Organization of Accreditation OAA (2014-2018) is based on the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

International expert consultant, from the European Union through IBF, having provided training activities within the PRACAMS program to personnel from the National Metrology Laboratories of Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala, among others, in the design and implementation of comprehensive management systems for laboratory quality, dimensional, electrical, pressure metrology, uncertainty calculation, competency-based training of Laboratory Directors, and related topics.

She has integrated Evaluation Committees, Management Control, Teaching Contests, and Tribunals of Final Works and Thesis at UNC and UTN.

Category III researcher of the Secretary of University Policies of the Ministry of Education and the Secretary of Technological Scientific Articulation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. and Category B in the categorization of UTN and Expert Auditor of the Argentine Accreditation Agency (OAA).

Technical professional at the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) in the period 1990 -2005, in the field of Dimensional Metrology, Pressure and Vacuum, Electrical, Instrument Calibration, Equipment Design and Homologation, Preparation of reports, documentation, and procedures within the quality system, conducting technical audits, among other activities.

Dr. Ing. Guillermo O. Forte

Dr. Ing. Guillermo O. Forte
Dr. Ing. Guillermo O. Forte
Electronics Engineer UTN-FRC (2001), Ph.D. in Engineering from the National University of Córdoba (2013). My area of interest is automatic control systems, a discipline in which he has a Master’s degree (2006). He is currently a Conicet Researcher at the Enrique Gaviola Physics Institute, where he develops tasks within the framework of an EBT project called Trovintek Advanced Magnetic Systems. I am a Professor in the chair of Artificial Intelligence of the Information Systems Engineering Career of the UTN-FRC.



PhD. Carolina B. Tauro

PhD. Carolina B. Tauro

Carolina B. Tauro is Principal Investigator of the SABIA-Mar mission at the National Commission for Space Activities.
Carolina has a Ph.D. in Physics, graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics of the National University of Córdoba in the area of modeling complex systems.
Since 2009, he has worked at the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) in the development of models and algorithms for the generation of products derived from satellite information. In the first instance, in relation to the satellite mission SAC-D/Aquarius developed jointly between CONAE and NASA (USA). She currently works as Principal Investigator of the SABIA-Sea Mission that CONAE develops, focused mainly on the study of seas and coasts.
Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at the Mario Gulich Institute (CONAE-UNC) and was a member of the Professional Academic Council of the Master of Spatial Information Applications. She is currently a member of the Academic Council of the Doctorate in Geomatics and Satellite Systems of the same institution. She also has publications in international scientific journals and actively participates in scientific meetings and events, as well as in the training and direction of undergraduate and graduate students.
Carolina is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Pampa Azul National Initiative and is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG).

PhD. Hector Laiz

PhD. Hector Laiz

Héctor Laiz received a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Buenos Aires in 1988 and a Doctorate from the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, in 1999. In 1989, he joined INTI, the National Metrology of Argentina, where where he carried out research and development in electrical metrology. He was a guest scientist at PTB, Germany, and at NIST, USA. He published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and international conferences.
From 1999 to 2010, he was Deputy Director of Metrology at INTI and was in charge of scientific and legal metrology. Since 2010 he has been Director of Metrology and Quality at INTI. Under his responsibility are all INTI programs in scientific, industrial and legal metrology. From 2014 to 2018, he was the President of the Inter-American Metrology System (SIM), the Regional Metrology Organization for the Americas.
In 2016 he was elected member of the International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM), the governing body of the Meter Convention.


IEEE Measurement and Instrumentation Society are dedicated to the development and use of electrical and electronic instruments and equipment to measure, monitor, and/or record physical phenomena. Fields of interest include metrology, analog, and digital electronic instruments, systems and standards for measuring and recording electrical magnitudes (both in the frequency and time domains), instrumentation and transducers for the measurement of non-electrical variables, calibration, and uncertainty, instruments with automated control and analysis functions, security instrumentation and applications of new technologies. The society seeks to promote a high level of technical excellence, fostering close cooperation and the exchange of information with an interdisciplinary approach among its members.

For this topic, the following subtopics are suggested. Please note that you may send your paper beyond the scope of this list. To submit the paper follow the instructions Tutorial for Paper Submissions


  • Measurement systems and techniques
  • Instrumentation
  • Metrology
  • Sensor & transducer technology
  • Reference samples and standards, calibrations
  • Treatment of data and uncertainties
  • Automation of measurements and data processing
  • Non-destructive tests and industrial inspection
  • Fault monitoring and diagnosis
  • Fault tolerant systems
  • Systems testing. Prognosis
  • Signal conditioning
  • Mathematical tools for signal analysis
  • Communications and wireless systems associated with measurement systems
  • Imaging systems
  • Artificial and computational intelligence in measurement systems
  • Measurements in the biomedical field
  • Measurements in power systems
  • Security in measurements
  • Photonic technology in instrumentation and measurements
  • Instrumentation systems for nuclear technology and radiation





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