On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, 2 metrology workshops will be held as an IEEE ARGENCON Pre-Congress activity, which will be led by Eng. Guillermo Monasterios. Workshop 1 will take place on the morning of September 6 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., while Workshop 2 will take place between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m..

Guillermo Monasterios

Guillermo Monasterios

Electronic Engineer graduated from the National Technological University, he is in charge of the S-parameters laboratory dependent on the Department of Physical Metrology of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI). He is involved in different RF and microwave metrology projects at INTI and has worked until 2021 as a teacher in Electronic Measurements II at the Buenos Aires regional UTN. He has written scientific articles, given national and international conferences, and provided training courses in order to disseminate topics related to high-frequency precision metrology.

Workshop 1: Metrology 4.0

  • Uncertainty objects. Management of uncertainties by means of mathematical libraries so that any calculation of measurements automatically propagates the sources of error, the latter being valid for any field of metrology.
  • Concepts about uncertainties.
  • Digital traceability.
  • Measurement automation.
  • Digital International System of Units (DSI) and its relationship with Digital Calibration Certificates (DCC).


Workshop 2: Metrology with Vector Network Analyzers (VNA)

A VNA is a fundamental instrument for an electronic engineer, key in any application related to working bands in the RF and microwave range. One example is metrology linked to communications, radar or microwave detection systems, such as the radio telescope planned to be built in San Juan within the framework of the CART project (China-Argentina 40m Radio Telescope).

  • Operating principle and measurement capabilities.
  • Unconventional measurements with VNA (materials).
  • Differences between specifications and uncertainties.
  • Calibrations. How to use INTI’s S-parameter digital certificates to obtain traceability to INTI and reduce measurement uncertainties. Which elements must be calibrated in a higher hierarchy laboratory in the traceability chain and which elements in the same laboratory (and how).
  • Computer tools for the manipulation and processing of data measured with VNA. Link with the Metrology 4.0 workshop.
Both workshops were conceived for the workshop modality, so the participants must attend with their own notebook. Likewise, both proposals are based on a face-to-face dictation.


Registration Costs

Attendance Registration Costs
 Workshop 1   AR$ 2.000
 Workshop 2   AR$ 2.000
 Workshops 1 and 2 (includes lunch)   AR$ 4.000
  • Limited availability per workshop: 30 paticipants



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