Chair Co-Chair
Ing. Pablo Eduardo Moliterno

Ing. Pablo Eduardo Moliterno

Background – Electronic Engineer 2001, Professor at IES 9-012 “San Rafael in Informatics” since 1996, Professor UTN FRSR since 2001. Work in CyE Engineering since 1998, IT and Software development company. IEEE member since 2016. Treasurer of CS in the periods 2019-2020. CS President in 2021-2022

Path in IEEE – M’2016

Vision – Increase or maintain the number of CS members; Continue disseminating CS and IEEE in Argentina; Support student chapters in their development; Organize CS Track at Argencon 2022

Lic. Marcelo Fabián Agüero

Lic. Marcelo Fabián Agüero

Professional technical area(s): Computing, Information Technology, Information Technology, Technology in Society.

Education: University Programmer – University of Mendoza. Degree in Computer Science – National University of Lanús. Professor of University Degree in Computer Science – National University of Cuyo.

Occupation/s: Higher Level Teacher. Coordinator of the Software Development Career – I.E.S. N° 9-012 “San Rafael in Computer Science” (until 12/01/2019)/Head of Continuing Education – I.E.S. N° 9-012 “San Rafael in Computing” (12/01/2019 to 12/01/2023). Organizer and Speaker at Congresses: 04/25/2014. Organizer Workshop Autism – IEEE Argentina.10/16/2015. 04/21/2017 Congress: San Rafael, city of technology, innovation and creativity. 09/16/2017 Congress of Appropriate Technologies for Development. 22 to 23/11/2018 Congress: Workshop – Experiences in the Development of Emerging Technologies.

Activity in IEEE: since 2013 and continues SIGHT Coordinator of Argentina, Vice President of the Computer Society chapter (2021-2022).

Member of the International MGA IEEE TV Advisory Committee (Member-AT-Large-2019).

Member of IEEE Chapters: Computer Society (CS), SSIT (Society on Social Implications of Technology), YP (Young Professionals), EDS (Electron Devices Society).

Senior Member since 06/20/2020.


PhD. Luis Kun

PhD. Luis Kun

Dr. Luis Kun is the 2022 IEEE President Elect for the Society for Social Implications of Technology and a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of National Security (CHDS/NDU). Born in Montevideo, he graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy in Uruguay and holds a BSEE, MSEE, and PhD degree in BME, all from UCLA. He is an IEEE Life Fellow, a Fellow of the
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, and the International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine. He is the founding Editor in Chief of Springer’s Journal of Health and Technology 2010-2020. He spent 14 years at IBM and was the Director of Medical Systems
Technology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. As Senior IT Advisor to AHCPR, he formulated the IT vision and was the lead staff for High Performance Computers and Communications program and Telehealth. In July 1997, he was an invited speaker to the White House and was largely responsible for the first Telemedicine Homecare Legislation signed by President Clinton in August 1997. As a Distinguished Fellow at the CDC and an Acting Chief IT Officer for the National Immunization Program, he formulated their IT vision on 10/2000. Dr. Kun received many awards including: AIMBE’s first-ever Fellow Advocate Award in 2009; IEEE-USA Citation of Honor Award with a citation, “For exemplary contributions in the inception and implementation of a health care IT vision in the US.” In 2009, he was named “Profesor Honoris Causa” by Favaloro University, (Argentina) and in 2013 “Distinguished Visitor” by the City of Puebla, Mexico. He served as an IEEE Distinguished Visitor for the CS and as a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) for the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and SSIT where he chairs the DL Program since 2016. Since 2014, he serves as an Honorary Professor of the Electrical Engineering Department at the School of Engineering of the University in Montevideo, Uruguay. He received in 2016 the Medal of Merit from Mexico’s National Unit of Engineering
Associations and was named Visiting Professor by the National Technological University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2017.


The Computer Society, colloquially known as Computer, is another of the IEEE Societies that has a comprehensive F.O.I. set. Society motto is “to advance the theory, practice and application of science and technology of computer and information processing”.

For this topic, the following subtopics are suggested. Please note that you may send your paper beyond the scope of this list. To submit the paper follow the instructions Tutorial for Paper Submissions


    • Cloud Computing
    • Computer Science for Life
    • Computing Services
    • Informatics and Business Systems
    • Learning Technology
    • Data Engineering
    • Intelligent Informatics
    • Multimedia Computing
    • Semantic Computing
    • Visualization and Graphs
    • Computer Architecture
    • Microprocessors and microcomputers
    • Microprogramming and Microarchitecture
    • VLSI
    • Computing Relaunch
    • Distributed Processing
    • General
    • Parallel ProcessinG
    • Computer communications
    • Real-time systems
    • Reliable and fault tolerant computation
    • Scalable Computing
    • Security and Privacy
    • Testing
    • Multi-valued logic